I’m Fighting Floyd Mayweather This Week

The Banana Breakout!

However, in this case, she’s getting mercilessly deprived of her privacy-her private moments were always important in her life. Nandini finds herself unable to wave off the strong sense of nostalgia. Nostalgia? What the hell! It’s been just four months earlier when her life was going on the usual way…

Midgets Lives Matter

A group of midgets have been getting restless lately about the “BLM” “campaign” and wanted to form a group of protestors under the name of “Midgets Lives Matter”. However, protestors think very “little” of the small people. So, the “little” known “MLM” has been funding grammar school kids to protest with midgets.

The “Get Away” Game Show

“Hi! I’m Don John and welcome to the “Get Away” Game Show where we ask two families to answer questions based on 5 themes they must select. Today, we have our champions for the last two years – the Poindexter Family!

If Lizzo Wrote an Essay About How She Was Feeling, It Would Look Like This

Imagine if pop artists turned their lyrics into essays. Or, for that matter, if their English teachers did it for them.

How to “Prefaricate in Zorg.”

If you don’t know how to prefaricate in Zorg, you really, really need to get educated in these matters before it’s too late! You know the old saying, “Knowledge is power,” so get some power!

Thou Shalt Not… Your Neighbour!

It is extremely important to maintain cordial relations with your neighbour, because they are the nearest ones in times of emergency or on any need. However, the actual conduct of such relationships belies common wisdom and expectations…

Waylaying Common Sense!

Hundreds of other examples could be rampant here; but we ought to appreciate the time constraints most of our sensible readers have at their disposal…

The Hurdles Of Inconvenience!

You’ll get angrier after you finally overcome the hurdle; because the moment you cross it the lane is again empty and quiet. You’re now convinced that it was a conspiracy of sorts, and that such conspiracies keep on happening…

How to Tell a Joke to Your Most Grumpy Friend

Ever tried telling a joke to a grumpy friend? How did he react? In this article, I demonstrate how you can make even gloomy friends laugh.

Laughing Zone

Laugh and make others laugh. A day without laughter is a day wasted.

The Rough Cut!

Over with his right-side operation the boy stopped and asked Paban to take a look at the mirror and approve for the operation to be completed. Paban picked up his specs and looked at himself hopefully. He was in for a great shock…

Why You Like Being Liked!

Like, giving or receiving, is the quintessence of life. Life can be reduced only to strife if you do not like or get liked; of course, such a situation is rare in most of the lives lived on this likeable earth…

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