On Being Sartorially Impaired

Clothes make the man. Good taste is an acquired art. Dressing well helps everyone. Forget your skin, be comfortable in your attire. It’s better to look good than feel good.

Vampire Life Part 7 – What to Do With the Ghoulish Remains

Your vampire lover has been busy, gorging himself on local, well, prime rib. Now, it’s up to you to clean up; after all, no vampire worth his canines would be caught alive with leftovers on his hands, or worse under his neatly manicured mother-of-pearl fingernails.

The Incident at Floral Heights Methodist Church

A disturbing incident at the very beautiful church in Wichita Falls, featuring my snooty aunt, and my cousins Bobby and Danny. Yes, especially Bobby. Most unfortunate, sad, really. Here’s how it happened …

If Your Elected Politician is Not Doing Their Job, Give Them the Flamingo!

There needs to be a way to easily vent frustration over the poor job our politicians are doing in Washington. And conversely, there needs to be a way to show our appreciation when they show a bit of backbone and actually protect our interests instead of those of the special interest groups.

What’s it Like Growing Up in Ireland? I Will Tell You!

Well now, faith n begorrah, no this is not an accent I’m putting on because I did grow up in Ireland. So, you might be thinking or wondering what it was like in this little country we call The Emerald Isle and how we all ever made it.

Want to Impress Your Friends? Throw in Some Famous Life Quotes in Your Conversation

Do you want to impress and astound your friends? Do you want to be the person everyone would love to be in company with? Then why not learn some famous life quotes. You probably have noticed some of the great leaders use famous quotes in their speeches and normal communication that make them truly memorable and interesting.

Keep Your Family a Happy Family by Sharing Funny Life Quotes

It was dream of every individual to build a happy family. Having a happy family is a true pleasure of life. The joy of being in such a family is something that can’t be describe in words. It increases your chances of being successful in your professional life as well.

How to Embrace Your House Ghost

If you are hearing heckling spirits and have Ghost Life Coaches – embrace them and welcome them in your home and your life and once they get their wings, they’ll go away. Just grin and bear it and wait until a bell rings.

Jokes Make the World Go Round

When was the last time you heard a good joke that left you uncontrollably laughing? Don’t you miss those times when you exchanged good jokes with friends or family? I always look forward to the next time I can meet up with them and share a good laugh. Good jokes really do make the world go round.

The Great American White Melting Pot

Over time, of course, the ethnic divide has narrowed as people of different national backgrounds have crossed boundaries to have babies. My father is of mainly English descent, my mother of mainly Irish descent. In a court of law, I can use this information for the basis for pretty much any insanity defense.

How to Be Funny – Part 10 – Why Cliches Are Your Best Friend

Cliches are predictable. When it comes to creating humor this makes them golden. These everyday sayings, phrases and expressions are so well known that by saying the first few words just about anyone should be able to complete the rest.

A Joke a Day Will Brighten Your Day

Are you starting to get bored with the monotony of life? Do you find yourself searching for a little perk me up just to get you through each and every day? That was the same thing I was going through for quite some time now. But that was only until I rediscovered the power of a good joke.

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