I’ve Never Been This Happy

Succeed in Comedy – Be an Athlete!

If you were to imagine the lifestyle of a “stand up comedian”, you would no doubt have images swirling in your brain of late night parties, night clubs, drinking, smoking and insane partying. If you were to imagine the lifestyle of most professional corporate event comedians the images should, and would be much different.

Today Is Not The Day (That Boy Who Cried Wolf Too Much)

Although there is always a time for humor, there is never, ever a time for genuine foolishness. This is what I mean by my title.

Hundreds of Ways To Be Surreal in Comedy

Although many people think there is normal and surreal comedy, comedy usually contains surreal elements. This could include using nonsense words, designs, mixing up different styles and so on.

This Audience Is Mostly Mormon

So one of my favorite students Skyped with me today. He was upset about a comedy show he did.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

This article has nothing to do with the popular hit by Paul Simon of the same title. Very straightforward, after countless hours of research, these are the top fifty ways to end a relationship.

11 Ways To Get Fired

Here’s a list of the top ways to get fired at your company. I started it off with the way I was fired a year ago.

Surviving the First Date

If you’re a bachelor or bachelorette looking to get back on the dating scene, then you will be no stranger to first dates. You may have had a few that moved past that and a few that ended abruptly, leaving you in awe thinking things were going well. Either way here is a short guide to surviving several different types of first dates with your future mate.

How To Become A Comedian Today

Surely no one can dispute the importance of comedy in our daily lives especially in these days of stress. This has naturally provided job opportunities for comedians and has brought about a situation where many young people out there are now looking for ways of becoming a comedian.

Who Was the Funniest Man in the World?

This is about a man who was generally regarded by other comics of his era as a laugh-riot. Relatively an unknown author today, he inspired comedians such as Groucho Marx and Jack Benny into fits of laughter. Who could make such comic geniuses laugh until their sides hurt? I call him the funniest man in the world and for a ten year period in the early twentieth century he was. His works are still able to make you cry in hysterics to this day.

Friendly or Polite Politeness?

In contrast to the more formal French approach, the English concept of ‘friendly’ politeness requires us to address people we’ve never met in our life before in the most familiar of terms. Only the other day, for example, I walked into a small shop in England where I was instantly greeted by a lady assistant, young enough to be my grand-daughter, and whom I’d never clapped eyes on before, with a cheery ‘Hello, young man!’ This welcome smacked so much of inappropriate familiarity that I felt compelled to react by firmly pointing out that, since she would never have addressed…

In the Beginning: The Annotated Supreme Programmer

We’re probably all familiar with the mythology of The Creation as outlined in the Book of Genesis: chapters 1 and 2. But if you believe in a Simulated Universe relative to a Supernatural Universe, here’s an annotated variation on The Creation theme.

What Is a Good Age to Have a Magician for a Birthday Party?

After almost two decades of performing magic shows for all ages, we have learned the art of performing for specific age groups. We have actually developed a show which entertains and holds the attention of even 3 and 4 year-olds. We did not start out with this ability, but it has developed only through a determined effort to entertain all ages.

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