Jake Paul Is The Next Muhammad Ali – IMPAULSIVE EP. 306

Who Does Obama’s Hair – Fire Them?

Look, I have no love for Senator John Edwards, the trial lawyer who wanted to be President, but at least he looked like a preppie type on stage. Why? I suppose it’s because he pays $600 for a haircut. But then I look at the fact that Senator Edwards endorsed Senator Obama for President, but Obama’s hair stylist, well quite frankly if he does have one they suck.

The Judas Manual

Our recent history has accumulated a record of botched initiatives, uncertain situations and tragic episodes that have led the United States into the road to decadence, universal scorn and national misery. It must be admitted that those responsible took advantage of the ignorance and naiveté of a good half of the American people in order to get elected not once but twice! As we come to the end of this fateful period, we begin to notice the appearance of what can best be called home grown Judases that prey on their protectors, friends and …

The Souvenir Smashed Penny Collector

The Souvenir Smashed Penny Collector Finds Joy For a Penny. He finds adventures and sights along the way. Follow his trek.

The Souvenir Smashed Penny Collector

The Souvenir Smashed Penny Collector Finds Joy For a Penny. He finds adventures and sights along the way. Follow his trek.

3 Ways to Spot a Tourist

It’s vacation time again and if you live in an area where tourists invade your sanctity, there is help. Here are three ways to identify these fun-seekers.

My Life Story on The Big Screen!

When the final chapter in my life’s story has been written and work on the screenplay for the movie begins, someone will be faced with the difficult assignment of deciding who will play me on the big screen. It won’t be an easy task because it will take an actor of the first water to capture the true essence of me. My life has had the same assortments of successes and failures, tears, both of joy and of sorrow, grand excitement and heart-rending disappointments as everyone else in this world.

Befriend The Janitor In Your Building

You should befriend the janitor. He is the only sane one in your building.

Find The Perfect Coffee To Pair With Dad’s Style – Father’s Day Gift

Much ado nowadays pairing gourmet coffees with matching desserts, or chocolate varieties. We’ve discovered something new for you to pair. Why not pair a premium coffee with the unique and individual personality of someone you care about.

Back at the B Western

Few people appreciate the great contribution the handgun has made to television and motion pictures. What would police shows, for example, be without .38 Specials and .357 Magnums? Imagine police detectives standing around the squad room in shirtsleeves, rifles dangling from under their armpits. Ridiculous!

Why I Hate A Cellphone, And What I’m Gonna Do To It

If you hate a cellphone as much as I do, you’ll enjoy hearing what’s gonna happen to mine! After all the suffering this device has put me through, it’s payback time!

Laughter Is My Business – Make It Yours Too

I remember loving to laugh as a child. My mom was the “sense of humor proprietor” of our home, and making her laugh, was especially fun, as she was a tough audience. Especially when I was in trouble, which was a majority of the time.

Children Smoking In The 1930’s

My Mother was a Saint; she must have been to have put up with me and my smoking. Yeah, I was a hard core smoker when I was around 11-12 years old. Cigarettes?

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