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The Ultimate Collection of Engineering Jokes

While you might not be able to tell when speaking speaking with one, most Engineers tend to have a wonderful sense of humor. In an effort to dispel one of the oldest myths about engineers, we have collected the following series of engineering jokes.

Bugs Bunny – The Most Famous Rabbit Ever

Bugs Bunny is one smart rabbit. He has virtually hundreds of rabbit holes all over the place which he uses to tease and taunt his enemies and never get caught. He usually leaves those who annoy him alone until they pushed him to his limit. “Of course you realize, this means war”.

Philosophies? One Liners? Quotes? Humor? Wits?

I have been writing all these one-liners for some time. I do not even know what to call them. As I presume, wits are only said and not written. In this confusion and due to lack of knowledge, I call these one-liners.

Memories of the Metric System in Europe and Way Too Much Chorizo

The metric system never really took hold here in the U.S., but if you visit Europe you are going to need to know the basics. If you don’t then what happened to the author one day in Madrid could easily happen to you.

Weird and Novel Rubbish Bins

Litter and rubbish bins are a practical and important part of keeping the world clean. We couldn’t live without them and one is probably sat no more than a few feet from you as you read this, but very few of us pay the humble rubbish bin any attention.

More Laptop Than Brains

This humorous article explores actual searches people have performed on various search engines. Their names and answers are fictional.

War of the Beverages – Tea, Coffee & OJ

In a desperate move to counter the growing threat from the Tea Party Movement, the Democratic top brass are finalizing details of a “Coffee Party Movement.” A call to the Democratic Party HQ confirmed that this is imminent. Originally due to be launched on April 1 this year, it has been delayed by various amendments, and is expected to be operational within a month.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Emcee

So you’re having an event, and you’re spending all of this money on renting a hall, catering the event, serving the alcohol, getting a sound company, etc. Why not save a few bucks and have Bob from your company be the emcee for the evening? Bob is funny, and people like him– it’s tempting. Here’s why you should NOT go down that path. Consider these 5 reasons to give Bob the night off, and spend a few extra bucks to hire a professional Master of Ceremonies.

Gary Larson – The Far Side Comic Author – A Bio

Gary Larson, author of the Far Side comic strip is a very popular cartoonist but relatively few people know about the man behind the amusing cartoons. This article briefly outlines the life and influences of Gary Larson.

Funny Text to Speech Tricks and Pranks

With the press of a button, you can set up a computer machine to simulate funny sounds and funny text to speech programs are the perfect device for creating those funny internet sounds. The pranks generated can be simply funny, or shocking, it’s up to you and what reaction or emotion you want your mark to experience. The best text to speech tricks and pranks get the intended person off guard giving you the opportunity to watch with glee as the mark goes mental trying to figure it out.

Cartoon Humor Can Tickle Your Funny Bone

Didn’t the world seem a lot better during Saturday morning cartoons? There was no school, no troubles and no homework worries as cartoon humor entertained us for hours.

Box Hunting

I have always been a little bit weird about boxes anyway. I hate throwing boxes away, especially pretty ones. When I got married, the store where I was registered sent gifts in these wonderful square boxes with ribbons built in. I wanted to keep every one of them! I did keep a few and have them still.

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