Jake Paul Warned You.

Soul Churning Mental Stuff

When you think about existence, there are winners, losers and everyone in between. The soul churning mental stuff is when you fully realize that it is a game, sometimes it feels serious, but most of the time it is not.

Chef Ralph

Going from a short hall into the kitchen of the Compound, which sits over a cellar from the era when this antiquated building belonged to an apple orchard and not so recently has been converted into a fine dining restaurant, with a chuckle, I’m greeted by the king of the arena Chef Ralph. Through a squeaky voice he says. “Hey, Sam Do the Watusi.”

As Britain Recovers From Unflinching Heavy Snowfall, Scientists Make Shocking Discovery

Snow falling usually means chaos on Britain’s roads, as commuters drive with extreme caution causing queue backs for miles. Now though, chaos is set to turn to amazement as we digest scientists’ astonishing new discovery that snow is – wait for it – ALIVE.

A Biography of Musical Comedian Stephen Lynch

Musical comedian Stephen Lynch grew up in Michigan and went up to take over the western world with his unique brand of bizarre musical humor. Here’s his story.

Tookie and the Mean-Hearted Monkey

I put together a number of reminiscences about my experiences during my tour of duty in Vietnam 1966-67. I was a Vietnamese linguist with top secret/crypto security clearance.

Corporate Comedy – Achieving an Intimate Relationship With Your Audience

Performing corporate comedy is often the next step a successful “club comedian” chooses in advancing his or her career. Corporate comedy often allows a comedian to be the keynote performer on larger stages for businesses, conferences and church events. These singular venues offer greater recognition, excellent networking avenues and of course a bigger paycheck. The secret to performing a successful corporate show is achieving the same intimate relationship with a large audience that is achieved through a successful performance at the comedy club level. There are ways to achieve this intimacy and the professional corporate comedian uses them with fun and finesse.

Silent Retreat

Going on a Silent Retreat is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Why would you go somewhere that wouldn’t let you talk?

Christian Comedy – The Successful Outreach Formula

Christian Outreach can be approached in fun and inventive ways. The ideal outreach will demonstrate a strong sense of community spirit to a newcomer. One of the best ways to welcome new friends is with conversation, smiles and laughter. The humor of a professional Christian Comedian is a wonderful way to show that your church loves to enjoy life and laugh together.

I Went To School With George Washington And Abraham Lincoln

I’m a chicken you can trust so you can believe me when I recommend this book to all hens and their people. The acrylic paintings are very chickeny, especially the ones of me. I’ll tell you about my best, human friend, Jillian, and my chicken family’s Hatch Day party and that sometimes everybody has fun except the Birthday Bird! I pecked a tiny piece of birthday cake so I wouldn’t hurt Jillian’s feelings, but then I got hungrier and hungrier, but I didn’t die.

How to Write a Joke for Stand Up Comedy

If you are entering the world of stand up comedy, you will need an arsenal of jokes to keep your audience entertained. Your joke writing will reflect your comedic personality which develops over the course of years. In the meantime, a joke formula is invaluable.

Paying Your Dues As a New Stand Up Comedian

Stand up comedy is viewed as a glamorous profession. New talents yearn to be in the spotlight. For this reason, supply often exceeds demand. The years of learning and sacrifice produce a pauper’s paycheck. The advice “keep your day job” should be taken seriously until reaching a point where the income is semi-predictable and hopefully steady.

How to Achieve Headline Status As a Standup Comedian

Many young comedians focus only on the creative aspects of performing stand up comedy. It is equally important to understand the business from the viewpoint of the booker. What are are comedy clubs really looking for in their next popular headliner?

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