James Fox Reveals Most Compelling Alien Evidence Ever – IMPAULSIVE EP. 262

Top Five Funny Boss Stories

We were at a company picnic and we managed to get our boss drunk. He goes to take a piss on a tree but was drunk so he was fumbling for his penis.

Learning Stand-Up Comedy Routines by Watching

One of the best ways to learn how to do stand-up comedy is by watching professional comedians perform. After all, if they’ve hit it big it’s because they’re doing something right. An experienced comedian will have a standard repertoire of jokes, plus a few new ones that he uses to change things up.

Comedy School – How to Learn Stand-Up Comedy

If you think you’re funny, and your jokes always get laughs from your friends, then you might be tempted to try being a stand-up comedian. You should know right now that this isn’t an easy thing to do. For every Lewis Black or Chris Rock who hit it big, there are hundreds of funny people out there who just didn’t make it.

I Swear, This Could Work

This is a humor article that takes a funny look at cussing. It is done totally in the spirit of laughter and not offensive even if you are sensitive to swearing.

Come on, You Don’t Always Need to Learn From an Article, Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

I like to bother my son at times. You know, play with his mind, it really cracks me up sometimes.

Would You Choose Jeff Dunham’s Peanut Or Achmed the Terrorist?

Which is funnier? Jeff Dunham’s Peanut the woozle, or Achmed the dead terrorist? Here are a few good reasons that will help you decide.

Latest Alien Report Bulletin – Earth, Anarchy and the Smell of Something Rotten

This article is a translation of the latest intercepted report from an orbiting Arcturan survey ship, whose name loosely translates as “Look Lively,” to its Mission Operations centre on Arcturus IX. As you can see from the translation, the views expressed are unspeakably alien.

Humor is the Best Medicine

“Humor is the best medicine” is a phrase we’ve heard often, but what does it really mean? Let me give you an example of how humor can work to make us feel better.

14 Things You Never Knew About Achmed the Dead Terrorist

14 amazing things you never knew about Achmed The Dead Terrorist. These will shock you to the core.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist – Laughing Every Day

Laugh every day with the incredible Achmed The Dead terrorist. Here is why I think he will be around for another 5-10 years easily.

Comedy – The Unsung Hero of Adult Education Gets No Respect

What’s so Funny about Adult Education? The same things that are funny about comedy. Both are andragogic, focusing on the needs of adult learners. Comedy, like learning in general, requires a level of maturity in order to fully understand a situation or concept. Just as Friere challenged us to examine how our social contexts have shaped us, so too does humor offer us this challenge. Humor makes us think: Whose interests are we trying to protect by not making fun of certain people, situations, or policies?

Humor Games For Promoting Literacy

English grammar can be confusing, intimidating and in general–no fun. But when you create humor games you instill the deeper meaning of the language. Humor can be used in the literacy classroom to make grammar, pronunciation and reading aloud.

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