Jeff Wittek Comes Clean – IMPAULSIVE EP. 273

It’s Toddler Versus Toddler on the Next “Small People’s Court”

Our son who is now two-and-a-half has a tendency to be a little rough when he is playing with other kids. When we go to the beach my wife and I are thrilled when he finds equally tough or slightly older kids who can withstand his enthusiasm level or knock him on his butt which ever comes first. Most times we are not that lucky and we stand guard so he doesn’t terrorize the timid with his excitement.

I Took a Bath For Nothing

The second I heard her voice, I knew this was a wasted effort. It had been over two months since my last date with anyone…not for lack of trying…Yet lately no one was biting…No one was interested. Katherine had sent me a teaser wink on, meaning she saw my profile, and professed interest. I wrote her back, and set up a date.

The Gift of GAB – How Goals, Attitude, Behavior Help BEAT the Recession

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Irish B&B proprietor Mrs. O’Hara – and a bit of a rogue – shows how The Gift of GAB – Goals, Attitude, Behavior can BEAT the living daylights out of the recession. Read more…

Try Something New – Corporate Comedy is Very Popular

How can corporate comedy be attained? As mentioned above, there are different forms of entertainment for corporate events. You could hire emcee comedians who will make your events continuous and with no dull moments while cracking jokes to add to the audiences’ energy. Or you may opt to have comedians perform for your corporate parties.

Healthcare Overhaul, Why?

Healthcare debate is hot and heavy. Should they pass it or not? How can we cut costs?

How to Do the Ssanti Dance

If you are into Korean entertainment, you will definitely know what the ssanti dance is. It’s a way of dancing that embarrasses yourself but entertains everyone around you. Usually, this only works if you are a popular person though. If you’re not a popular person and you do the ssanti dance, you will probably be laughed at. I will teach you how to do the ssanti dance, but be warned, this is only for the popular people and in Korea.


Ever woken up one morning feeling you still have it, only to find out it’s gone? Thanks to this year’s Oscars, this is the story of one such rude awakening.

Bad Habits and Longevity – Buckle Up, Baby!

How many of us have a bad habit or three that we’d like to break? Good luck with that. By my highly unofficial count, there are more than 7 million of them. There’s eating, smoking, drinking, cursing, tax-evading, not seatbelting, prejudging, speeding and a whole lot more. There’s work to be done.

Motorist, Pedestrian Interaction in Asia – Parody (Sort Of)

Some basics laws for motorist/pedestrian interaction in Asia, based solely on experience. Applicability may vary from location to location.

How to Think Outside the Box For Big Success – A Case Study

Overhead doors was a concept that came straight from the genius mind of Ruby Dimopovic, a Croatian immigrant who, like everyone in third world countries, dreamed of finding an empty niche and filling it. After years of thought and research into everyday life, she finally experienced the a-ha moment she was looking for.

Why Tax Season Can Be So Taxing

This is a very funny article about the impending tax season. The laughter that it brings makes it a little easier to bear up to paying our taxes once again.

What Exactly Was I Talking About?

I hate when you’re in that situation where you’re having a conversation with someone and you know about half way through the story you’re telling them that it’s absolutely ridiculous and not even remotely close to how good it sounded in your head. Come on, you know what I’m talking about, we have all been there.

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