Quick Dicky

If my neck is cold, I’m cold. To solve this problem most people turn to a scarf, I like a sweater type turtleneck dickey. For those who can not visualize a dickey it is a turtleneck sweater with its shoulders and most of its girth cut off so the neck and upper chest area are covered.

Dr. Sarcasm’s Philosophy On Suicide Bombers

It takes a really special kind of lunatic to want to be a suicide bomber in my opinion. I mean, it’s not like anyone could derive a whole lot of pleasure, satisfaction, or a sense of accomplishment from the practice.

Humor Column: All Jacked Up

Thousands of people get their day started with a stop at the local we-are-hipper-than-you coffeehouse. And every show from “Friends” to “Frasier” has a coffeehouse where the characters hang out. Coffee is huge.

Beating Boredom: A Comedy Story

This one will have you rolling on the floor if you like traveling, farting, irony, boredom, and comedy all rolled into one story. Read about one man’s three-day trip to “Boredomtown.”

Kitchen Rodeo – My 8 Second Ride

I am recovering from the rodeo last night. I know most people actual go to a rodeo, but I decided that with all the painting I had left to do, in my kitchen; I would bring the rodeo home. Due to our strict HOA rules…

What Makes a Winner? Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Tips and Tricks

“Intense” does not even begin to describe the competition witnessed this year at Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. No longer does, “Look! I’m actually wearing one!” cut it. Time, effort, money and an occasional outbreak of sweat or tears is necessary to emerge victorious. The “New Ugly” is frequently adorned with bells, whistles, 3D objects be they trinkets, fake snow, jingle bells, shiny balls… Sometimes the “New Ugly” dazzles the immediate audience with a show: A musical jingle at the push of a button, a little light-up tree action, or even a dancing Santa affixed to the front of a festive frock.

Top 10 Funniest Motivational Posters

Money, happiness, family, a great career…these are usually the top things that people will list as motivators in their lives. But for those of us with a slightly twisted point of view that we frequently take on life there is a whole different level of motivation. Check out the top 10 funniest motivational posters for your twisted enjoyment.

I’m Suing The Highway Department

If you are of sarcastic mind, you simply can’t help but see a different meaning behind the ordinary at times. With that in mind, next time you are driving down the road, try placing these different means on your every day road signs.

Fall Arrest Jokes!

Fall arrest is important as it saves lives! Falling from height kills, don’t take chances! Even though this is a serious message there are many jokes regarding this, have a read…

Humor Column: The Long Ball

I am an average golfer. In fact, the average men’s handicap is 16. So is mine. Nothing stands out about my game. But, for an old guy, I can smash the ball.

Um, Excuse Me?

We all have embarrassing moments throughout life. Some are caused by parents.

The Los Angeles IMPROV: The House That Stand-Up Comedy Built

Today, The Improv is a popular haven for the world’s best comics and most Hollywood stars. It has revolutionized comedy and turned it into a recognized performance art, which is why even non-comedians can strut their stuff on-stage. Don’t be surprised if you find big names like Dustin Hoffman and Barry Manilow playing the piano and Hollywood actors manning the door and serving food and drinks, like real wait staff.

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