KSI and Logan Paul Reveal BIGGEST Mistakes: 40 Days | Ep. 3

The 1970s – Let’s Go Back

Recognize hot pants and the white go-go boots? Sorry, you just dated yourself! Not to worry, I am sure you love your appointed role as baby boomer in our society.

Let’s “Do Lunch”

Mommy and I decided to go out for a nice mother-daughter lunch after an exhausting trawl around an HUGE food warehouse store. I mean who REALLY uses a gallon size jar of Vienna sausages, yet we go up and down the aisles looking for that once in a lifetime bargain.

Five Things You Can Only Do If You’re a Ghost

Death and taxes, they happen to everyone, and while taxes happen on a daily basis, death usually happens but once. So I say, if you have to go, then why not enjoy the trip. Not in some morbid zombie like way, and I’m not suggesting an Edward the vampire living-death kind of thing either.

Dressing For A Heist

This article provides a few suggestions for a man considering dressing like a woman to commit a crime. I suggest you put on your woman attire and visit a local bar, preferably one that plays a lot of country music. If you get hit on before midnight by more than one patron, consider yourself ready. Any amorous attention after midnight doesn’t count. It seems everyone gets prettier at closing time.

Becoming a Better Man

The next article I perused was, “How To Get Ketchup Out Of A Bottle.” I’m not kidding. Clearly this is one of the great challenges of mankind and a requirement for being a better man. A humorous look at what someone thinks are the qualities needed to become a better man.

The Blonde on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Regis Philbin – “Heather, you’ve made it to the final round and have one lifeline left, which is the phone a friend lifeline.” “Answer the next question correctly and you’ll win the one million dollar top prize, however if you answer it incorrectly you’ll drop down to $32,00..

The 10 Best Billy Connolly DVDs

Billy Connolly is the comedian of his generation. Here is a list of 10 of his best comedy DVDs.

10 Easy Steps to Stardom

So you want to be a rock god? Well just follow these 10 easy steps and you’ll be there before you can say “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida!”

When Your Wife Turns Into Super Cleaning Woman

Do women really believe they are fooling anyone? Nobody, with the possible exception of Martha Stewart, lives in a house that looks like the cover of Homes for Compulsive Cleaners. Why do women turn into Super Clean Woman when they learn a visitor is coming?

Nine Husbands and Still a Virgin

An attorney married a woman who had previously been married nine different times to ten different men. On their wedding night she told her new husband to please be gentle and that she is still a virgin.

UFO Fakery and Frisbee Hoaxes

Too many eyewitnesses are obsessed with UFO sightings, which may be hoaxes anyway. So my question is, are we overlooking the real hoax phenomenon here? Are we overlooking the diabolical Frisbee Hoaxes?

WordPress Theme ADHD

According to Google Health: “ADHD is a problem with inattentiveness, over-activity, impulsivity, or a combination. For these problems to be diagnosed as ADHD, they must be out of the normal range for the child’s age and development.” I sometimes have this problem (not nearly as bad as others) and you are soon to find out just how bad my ADHD was with my little theme adventure. Ugh, writing this brings back some nightmares.

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