How to Be Absolutely Hilarious With These 3 Steps!

I am a really funny person. I get laughs like crazy. It’s extraordinary how many people just love to sit around me and listen to the humorous jokes coming out of my lovely mouth.

Stand-Up Comedy and the Art of Creativity

The two styles of stand-up comedy sometimes merge a bit, but it seems the “easy” road to success involves more rapid fire non-connected pieces, while the story-telling style is a tougher row to hoe. And speaking of hoes…

Should Old Cartoonists Just Fade Away?

I was sitting at my computer, as usual, designing new cartoon products from older cartoons, and working on my shoes designs on another business, and my wife, whose desk is directly behind mine said, “Why don’t you start your cartoons again?” I kind of looked at her funny, and then my glaze turned into a stare in front of me, out my window to the main Hot Springs Mountain. It was lush and green after a long cold winter. I had been designing products out of habit, and, because they sell sometimes, it never hurts to make a living.

3 Killer Tips For Being Funny As Hell!

This is a powerful tutorial on how to take everyday things and turn them into super hilarious jokes. You MUST read this!

Small Dogs Make You Walk Funny and Cause Erratic Behavior

I never thought the size of a dog could dictate how you walk. Gone are the days of walking like a sober human being. You now walk in a drunkard way; leaning, swaying and hopping. Intelligent speech, forget about it. The words from your mouth almost drool out of your lips.

Everybody’s Making Huge Money – When’s it Our Turn?

Don’t you just go nuts watching, reading, or listening to the news? Everything’s quantified by money: Who’s making it, who’s not, how much oil spills cost, bail-out this and deficit that, salaries of young whiny narcissistic sports adonises… My God, don’t you feel like screaming: “Everybody’s making huge money. When’s it gonna be OUR turn?!” It’s monetary drama of the highest order.

Some of the Best Comedians of All Time

Many stand-up comedians are a flash in the pan, briefly popular but with no real longevity to their career. Few stand-up comedians are able to maintain their creativity over the years; rehashing material is all too common.

Christmas Theatre and Panto Tickets – A Great Present For the Whole Family

Why don’t you think about Panto tickets as a Christmas gift idea for the whole family? Pantomime productions are always a fun family trip and pantomime tickets make the perfect Christmas present for the whole family.

My Accountant Said, “Collect Your Trousers Thursday”

My eyes are glazed over and my mind has gone numb.  The annual trip to my accountant is the one area of my life that I have absolutely no control over and I find very confusing.

Giving the Gift of Laughter

There are many ways to make someone giggle. For example, if your potential recipient loves to read, start a collection of funny articles or comics you cut out of newspapers and magazines. Place them in a loose-leaf binder, or create a nice scrapbook, which you may, or may not embellish with suitable decorations. This gift will not only bring numerous enjoyable moments, but will also shows how much you care.

What is the Cost Per Unit?

Normally I do my grocery shopping on weekdays. I need the quiet in order to concentrate…

Comic Strip Template – More Than Just Fun Reading

There are many reasons why a person might want to create a comic strip of their own. Some do so as a way to express themselves others are trying to break into the comic trade. There are even teachers that use a variety of animated strips as a teaching aid. For many generations comics have been used to make people laugh, cry or become more aware of certain political issues. It some ways it is an extension of doodling, with this exception that using a template for a comic strip lets you string together your doodles into one coherent statement that tells a story or part of one.

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