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Life, Death and Carmen’s Avena

When I was small there were a few things that made breakfast worth getting up for. First, was my mother Carmen’s oversized Aunt Jemima pancakes; these were so big that when rolled-up, they could be used for batting practice. Second, was Carmen’s Puerto Rican oatmeal (Avena); it was like eating hot ice cream.

The Cure For Middle Lane Moron Syndrome?

What is MLMS? Middle lane Moron Syndrome is not exclusively for the middle lane drivers but is where a driver feels that when driving on a road with more than one lane it is acceptable for them to use a lane other than the left hand lane (when driving in the UK) to sit in when they are not overtaking another vehicle. Contrary to some arguments from people who fear they are wrongly diagnosed with MLMS it is irrelevant of the speed travelled, the time of day, the size of your car, the fact you are driving a car or…

Dentists Are Scary

Many people tend to be scared of visiting the dentists for the wrong reasons. Some people worry about the tests finding cavities. Others worry about root canals, or any other types of painful procedures. Me – I don’t care about tooth pain. I am afraid of the dentists themselves.

10 Things Science Can’t Achieve

Compensate for lack of touch. Cell phones and social network are all very well, but no amount of technological advancement can replace the magic of a warm hug.

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

Lorenzo von Matterhorn is surprisingly enough very popular on the internet even though considering the fact that he is just a fictional character, introduced by the character Barney Stinson – real name Neil Patrick Harris – in one of the CBS sitcoms ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The character of Lorenzo von Matterhorn is said to be born in Switzerland in the year 1974. Soon after his birth, he was put into a basket and thrown into a river.

Travails of a Middleclass Consumer – Humour

My wife wanted to buy a Washing Machine, during the summer since our children were expected from the states, along with their kids for vacation. As usual, I was given the task of searching for the most economical, efficient and durable machine in the market. I set out looking for the machine in the Internet, carefully sifting the mass of information dumped on me, and shortlisted five items, which were very High Tech and Latest models with funny sounding names.

Practical Joke Bumper Stickers – The Art of Pranking a Car!

Learn the joys of using hilarious ‘fake’ joke bumper stickers to prank a friend’s car. This is currently a popular gag, even among celebrities, but the idea is not new; the author has decades of experience in this form of humor.

Women Are Very Hard to Please

A group of girls are on vacation in the Bahamas when they come across a 5 story hotel. The hotel has a large sign on it that says “For Women Only”. They figure since their husbands and boyfriends aren’t with them this would be a perfect place to stay at.

Having a Really Bad Day

There is a guy sitting at the bar that is just staring into his drink. This guy has been there for almost the entire day and hasn’t moved. Suddenly a known trouble making carpenter walks into the bar.

Tweezers Are a Must in Vehicles

Following one of my first posts on my blog, my best friend shared an experience sure to resonate with many readers. D owns a successful embroidery business.

The Ambulance – Who is Driving?

LT refuses to ride with me unless he is recovering from anesthesia. In our twenty years together he has been my passenger six times.

What Do You Do?

Repeatedly, since I retired ten years ago (at 42), I have been asked “What do you do?” Over, over and over again, I have been asked.

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