KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 Press Conference [OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM]

Spokesperson Sued Over Offensive Remarks

Spokesperson sued for some offensive remarks she made awhile ago. Although she contends she didn’t know her remarks were on the record, the contractor who is suing her reported that it shouldn’t matter whether you are or are not on the record. A public figure has no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Six Degrees of Separation – Useppa Island Style

The premise of six degrees of separation states that everyone is only six steps away from anyone else. On a small island in the Gulf of Mexico, this concept stretched itself to the shrinking point. How does one go from six degrees of separation to two in one day? Only on Useppa.

You Can’t School Me on the Menu at My Restaurant

So, there’s nothing servers love more than RCs explaining the menu to us! Or better yet, correcting the menu for us.

When Zombies Attack, Hurry to Your Billiard Room

Zombie attacks are becoming more and more frequent throughout the country. Your billiard room could be your last line of defense. Learn how to protect yourself and your family with what you have in your billiard room from any potential zombie threats.

Cinderella’s Sibling Sendafella

We all know the ‘Once Upon a Time’ tale of Cinderella – but few know of her sibling, Sendafella – a desperately neglected wannabe hero. Here is your chance to learn and wonder just how things could have been…

How Do You Hang?

In my lifetime, I’ve seen an incredible assortment of popular rear view mirror hanger-things. Of course, there’s the fuzzy dice (timeless), the CD (I think extra popular in the mid 90s), the wad (the cluster of so much stuff you don’t know what’s in there, popular in the early 90s), the graduation tassel, garter belt (sexy), and the forever favorite tree shaped scented dangly.

8 Reasons Jeans Are Better Than Trousers

Got change? Most jeans come with the coveted change pocket. Great for trips to the supermarket when you need a quick dollar for the trolley slot.

The Eight (9) Commandments

The Kido-Manual is a powerful book. It describes the life and death of Hudbrand Kido, ruler of Ritt, king of Diddymex. The inhabitants of the small town of Firewater led their lives as dictated by the Kido-Manual.

Gaining Extreme Wisdom

Peter used to play a word association game when he was hiking alone. This time he had found a link between ‘map’ and ‘delicious turkey.’ He sat down under an oak tree, and was surprised to discover the firm link between ‘map’ and ‘hard to swallow and definitely not delicious.’

You Shall Build

Armand was watching the evening news when he discovered the piece of plywood in his pocket. No one but his wife had access to his pants, and she had no reason to put it there. And he knew that he hadn’t put it there himself.

Choose Your Seeds Carefully

Donny Sunflower was a successful New Age teacher. “You must be holistic,” he would say, “and fill your heart and mind with universalness.” Because he understood the reach of what he said, he loved to hear himself talk like this.

Being a Comedian With Simple System

Sometimes, for being a comedian, you need to have a sense of humor. This can be a basic thing you should have as it can also help you to make people laugh. However, there are some steps that you can use to set yourself as a successful comedian, though you don’t have a sense of humor.

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