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How to Make Bars and Nightclubs Even Better

Bars and nightclubs are a top place to spend your weekend, however there are a number of things about them that can be improved. So to any bar and nightclub venue managers reading this article, consider this a little bit of free market research that you can use to improve your venue.

Why You Should Never Use the Disabled Bathroom at a Bar Or Nightclub (Unless You’re Disabled)

This is a true story that happened to me at my favourite nightclub and is testament to the fact that god has a sense of humor. It was about 10pm and the night was going quite nicely.

Make it Funny and it Will Earn You Money!

You know that old saying, everyone’s a comedian. In this article we talk about earning your money using comedy.

Lost Freedom and Satan’s Squirrel

So I was cruisin’ down the street in my 98′ Stratus, when I decided to break away from my usual habit. I concluded I would drive with no real destination, feeling that freedom of the open road. Turn after turn routine is beginning to fade. I’m loving every minute of it building off the feeling of it.

3 Sensible Reasons Why You Should Not Laugh When Others Break Wind

This article addresses the issues for properly grown up people which surround breaking wind. If you are an adult, and a sensible person, and do not find he subject funny at all, then please do not read this article. On the other hand if you have ever inwardly smirked at such events, take this article to heart please right now and we will tell you why you should not laugh when others break wind!

Worn Out Sports Cliches

Does anyone else loathe worn-out sports cliches? For instance, with each new NFL season, you will read about cornerbacks who live alone on an island or about someone being thrown under a bus. Can someone please create some new material?

What Your Shopping Cart Says About You

If your shopping cart could speak, what would it say about you? By peeking into someone’s shopping cart, you can gain a better understanding of their lifestyle.

Symphony of the South

My Auntie Rene is a lifetime devotee and virtuoso performer of what I choose to call Chamber music. Less sensitive souls would say she ‘fluffs’ a lot. Of course, they are right, but this seems a bland description of the full scale of her repertoire.

How Not to Go Camping Or Terror in the Night

Two non-camper adults, two children and two dogs go on a camping trip. The car is loaded with top of the line camping gear, it is almost dark when they reach the camp site…and a storm is brewing. Sounds like a punch line to a joke or the beginning of a tale of horror. It turned out to be both.

Why Political Jokes Are Quite Popular

Political humour is highly popular material because it is something everyone can easily relate to. Politicians are popular public figures so anyone can identify with them to get a good laugh. The public generally blames government for everything, whether the reasons it has to do so are sensible or not.

Understanding Greek Water Bills, Or Not

Here’s something which just goes to prove that you can’t take Greek literally. A water bill came with an official letter from the water board. I got the vague gist but thought it would be fun to write it out, word for word, exactly as it was written.

The Best Comedians of Modern Times

There are plenty of mediocre stand up comedians out there. They maybe come up with a good gag or two, or a funny bit, then rehash this material in some form or another for the rest of their feeble careers. On the other hand, a few stand up comedians out there really make a lasting impact and have a lengthy career because of their creativity and continued relevance.

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