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Mental Health Fraud – Psychiatrists Now Claim They Were Bonkers When They Invented Mental Illness

Defense lawyers representing 10,000 psychiatrists standing trial for the largest mental health fraud in history now claim their clients were suffering from a hitherto undiagnosed mental illness (Psychobabblorexia) when they accidentally fabricated 300 fake mental illnesses and made everyone think they were proper doctors. Graduating from numerous psychiatric schools such as the Otto Von Bismarck Institute of Brain Hygiene and the Drug-U-Like Emporium, the accused soon established themselves as experts on writing prescriptions, killing celebrities, the eradication of parenting and education and convincing people they are mentally ill.

Beginning Guidelines For Stand Up Comedians

Stand-up comedy is a different variety of comedy. There is generally a live audience and the comedian (stand-up comic) will speak with them directly. They normally use a microphone and stand up the whole or at least for the majority of the show.

How to Establish a Style of Comedy

Though their road to popularity may be challenging in the beginning, once they start getting a captive and responsive audience, they are on their way to their reward. Starting out, they should use their brain and look at what will make the audience laugh.

The Way to Polish Your Stand Up Comedian Routine

Many people love to hear you tell jokes. Your family and friends exclaim about how much you could get people to laugh. They might seem to consider that stand-up comedy can be your true calling. At this point you need to learn how funny you are as well as what you can accomplish in order to take advantage of this particular gift.

Foot Dr Cures Foot Odor By Chopping Them Off

Renowned Foot Surgeon, Town Butcher and best-selling author of This Little Piggy Went to The Market, Agreesh Patel, stunned the medical community with his latest medical breakthrough on how to cure stinky feet. In an exclusive interview with Dr. Patel, he tells of how he came to realize this procedure.

Teen Charged With Murder For Burning Insects

Summer days are supposed to be play time for kids, off from school, and carousing about. Some attend day camp, others in the neighborhood pool, or on the street playing Double Dutch. But for one area teen, there will be no duck duck goose in his near future. Ryan Folly, 14 was arraigned this morning in the Union County Courthouse. He was charged with 3 counts of first degree murder for the deaths of 2 ants and 1 Japanese beetle.

Funny Motivational Posters – Are They Demotivators?

Yes, they may sometimes be irritating and hurt people’s sentiments. They may obviously not motivate them, but they often entertain them and this makes them always in demand as long as we the people need the longest laugh on our face.

Wal-Mart Shopping and Senior Moments

There are lots of reasons for forgetfulness that don’t include being a “senior.” There’s the woman sitting at the wrong gate when her plane took off who then reported her car stolen after she searched in a different parking lot from where she actually parked. She wasn’t a senior, she was pregnant.

Teaching My Wife To Drive

There are many funny jokes floating around about women and their driving abilities. It’s a guy thing I guess. But is there any truth to assertions women are inferior to men when it comes to operating a vehicle?

Balloon Regrets Fleeing Little Girl’s Hand

It was a fun day at the Kings Island Amusement Park for little Marina Collins and her family. She had ridden the Tea Cups, taken a train ride on the K.I. & Miami Railroad, and a fun splash down ride in White Water Canyon.

Become a Comedian – Discover the Fastest and Easiest Way to Get on Stage Today!

We all have many talents that we can use to make our lives better and to make money. Some of us are athletic, some are incredibly intelligent. Others are funny and belong on a stage entertaining the world with their jokes.

How to Impress New Friends

A brief how-to, self help guide on how to make friends, impress acquaintances and influence people. All you need to know in just a few steps on how to be the life of the party!

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