Lana Rhoades’ Baby, $3.5M Pokémon Scam, Exposing Girls That Slid In Logan’s DMs – IMPAULSIVE EP. 310

Staying on The Funny Side of Weight Loss Secrets

Another weekly hilarious column about staying on the funny side of weight loss secrets. You’ll never look at spam the same way again.

Maybe I Should’ve Learned to Catch the Typewriter?

I never played sports when I was a kid. I wasn’t in little league baseball, pee wee football, and rarely ever picked up a basketball. Sure, I played ball in the street with my friends, but I sucked at it.

Who the Hell Wants to Live Like This?

Comedian describes some of the negative aspects about being an unknown, “road comic”, one of hundreds of working-stiff comedians traveling the country. Sometimes show business isn’t as glitzy as people think it is.

Lu Lu Bear Gets Revenge

Late one dark night Lu Lu Bear got fed up with the tenants living in the apartment building across the alley from her lovely urban den. Lu Lu Bear minds her own Peas and Ques, stays within her own property line, doesn’t bother her neighbors and expects the same in return. Sometimes that’s not enough and she finds herself pushing the border back to where it belongs.

Behold The Power Of Cheese

The Tucson Deli is where I buy my cheese. The rusty machine in my cellar allows me to slice my meat at home. Stepping up to the counter, I request one pound of white american cheese which makes me sound like a racist.

The Wing Truck

I worked hard that day, too. I got home late that afternoon to the devastation. He submerged my mailbox in an avalanche of monumental destruction. He closed the walkway I purposefully makeshift to the mailbox with a three and a half foot tall wall of ice and road salted chunks of … ice rocks. That’s what they really are. The driveway was even worse.

To Write or Not to Write – That is a Question!

Is it a miracle that when I sat down to write this, my intention was to express my frustration in this industry, trying to get an agent to represent me to finally notice me… and before I was done writing my first paragraph, I actually had one say via email… they were interested? I don’t know. What are the odds? I don’t really believe in miracles. I believe in hard work and ethics paying dividends.

What Did I Ever Do To Old Man Winter and Mother Nature?

After a couple years we decided to sell our beloved log cabin. I met a lovely young lady, fell madly in love, got married, and had a child with her at the ripe young age of 39. Realizing that the cabin was not a great choice to raise an infant and due to the fact that we were so remote, we decided to sell and move north to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. Where winter is nine months long and the other three months is just bad snowmobiling with black flies. Go figure.

Diva Moments

Inside my businesswoman body beats the heart of an artist. And sometimes that artiste gets pretty darn uppity, wanting nothing more than to cut up whatever I’ve been working on. The kids started calling these episodes Diva Moments, and the name stuck.

Thank You for Calling

Is is just me or has anyone else called a place of business … as in a retail chain of sorts … or a restaurant … seeking certain information and you’re received with a bombarding 30 second or more greeting script promoting sales that are of no value to you and are unintelligible because the speaker is talking faster than their lips can move? Why are they talking so fast? Because they have a lot to say in their scripted greeting and are most likely embarrassed about the content of the script even though they are employed there.

Play Harmless April Fools Day Pranks On Your Friends

April Fool’s Day is a day to make fun and that spirit of fun is usually at it’s peak that day. Quipping April Fool’s Day jokes and playing pranks on your friends and coworkers are what the celebration is all about.

World’s Top 8 Silly Lorry Stories

Lorries and lorry drivers are constantly generating quirky news stories, and here are the eight best from all over the world. If you like ridiculous lorry stories, you’re going to love this!

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