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Satiric Verses in Sanskrit Language

In Sanskrit literature we find hundreds of satiric verses in the great works of poets for the past many centuries. We have one whole work of the great poet Nilakantha Dikshita titled KaliVidambana containing 100 satiric verses in Sanskrit. In Kalividambana we may enjoy the satiric verses on various social characters in the family and outside, as well as quacks, doctors, poetasters, astrologers etc.

The Cinderella Drama Comedy

During our childhood while we were at school, we had cultural shows where singing, dancing, drama and speech were performed by the school students. Among many such programs that took place in that school, one drama actually speaks out to me at the moment and gives me the belly-aching laugh. Look inside to find out what it was about.

The Woolly Bear

Sometimes we hear about predictive powers of natural objects and critters. Some of this traces back to pagan beliefs, some is pure humor, and there are some facts in there too. Before there were computers and academically trained experts, people turned to folklore to predict weather and other events.

Mama Gets in Line

Mama rarely stayed in line in the traditional sense of the word. But on one occasion, she just had to get in line for major shenanigans.

A Drawl

Do you judge people by what they say, or by how they say it? You may not understand that the articulation of speech varies in differing regions. Or, perhaps you have confused speech with a drawl.

The Psychology of Humor

On why humor is about power, control and the balance of intellect and emotions In ancient times, humor or comic was strictly censored. In places like Greece and Egypt, jokes were even forbidden in social situations. Considering the almost taboo nature of humor, it’s hardly surprising that humor never received particular attention from ancient scholars.

There’s a Zoo in the Basement

Children of the fifties and sixties spent countless hours, mostly outside, pretending to be their television heroes. What could be better than being a cowboy or Sky King or Superman? Having a zoo in your basement!

Mama Helps Buy a Hat

Mama was happy to help her brother buy Granddaddy a new hat. She didn’t expect to crawl out of the store.

Mama Gets Her Comeuppance

Mama usually got the last word in on just about every conversation. But there was one rare occasion when the kitchen table she ruled turned on her.

Boris Johnson’s New Points Based Immigration System Revealed

For many years Boris Johnson has been advocating for an Australian style points based Immigration system for the UK to tightly control the numbers of migrants entering the UK. During this time Boris has also been in the press, or written articles, which have strongly hinted at how this points-based system would work.

Bantu The Diamond Prospect From Bantuland

The article is meant to showcase the trials and tribulations of writers in a lighter vein, and put a smile on the faces of the readers, who have given us an opportunity to demonstrate our talents, or a lack thereof. Folks you rock!

The Power of Three: A Sure-Fire Strategy to Add Humor to Your Speeches

Laughter is caused when a smile has an orgasm. Adding appropriate laughter and humor to your speeches will reduce the tension between you and your audience, allowing you to be perceived as intelligent, personable and approachable. Humor can even be used to cultivate trust between you and your audience!

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