Logan Paul Confirms Floyd Mayweather Fight & Move To Puerto Rico – IMPAULSIVE EP. 276

Daily Affirmations For the Rest of Us

I’m going to write a terrific article today! And I’m gonna help people! Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!

Kids Fun by the Size – Why Bigger is Not Always Better!

It’s not hard to find kids fun. It’s big, and even gigantic. And, it is everywhere. You’ll find it bobbing, looking goofy, ready to bounce or explode or fizzle like a “pfghzzzz” into the sky, or squish with the mushiest “splooghhhsh” sound. All these things really play a part in fun for kids.

A Good Stand Up Comedy Routine

We would all love to be a successful stand up comedian. They look so smooth up there on stage delivering joke after joke and getting laugh after laugh. They make it look so easy and seem to be so relaxed. Of course there are those who are not so good and even those who completely bomb out on stage. Audiences really aren’t nice people when you don’t deliver what was promised. So a good stand up comedy routine is worth it’s weight in gold.

Three Classic Kitchen Pranks

Kitchens are fertile grounds for pranksters. There is just so much opportunity there, especially with lots of containers, running water, gadgets, and more.

The Bostonian Life

Ever wonder what it is like to live someplace else? Maybe you’ve decided where you want to go but never visited. Well if that place is Boston than I’m here to help! I recount my daily experiences in this wacky city so you don’t have to!

True Christians Are Naked Christians, As Wearing Clothes is Devil Worship

Is wearing clothes really assisting the devil in his mission? Are the only true Christians “Naked Christians”? If you have a sense of humor about the inconsistencies in religion you will find this article amusing. Does God really sit around naked? What do you think?

How to Annoy Your Friends, Family and Co-Workers Without Going Too Far

Playing around has always been a good way to build relationships, be it with friends, coworkers, or even life partners. Inserting a little brevity here and there can create a sense of both teamwork and healthy competition, as long as its all in good fun.

Relative Or Absolute – Where Am I? Oh My! I Have Been Poor!

I wrote this article when I was jobless in the year 2009. It was my “stream of consciousness” and the accompanying or embracing frustration of being jobless that led me to write this article. It is always a “sin” to write your frustration without humor. This irony at the cost of my agony is what that makes this article. By the way, this article is about Economics!

Six Things That Waitresses Really Hate

One of the toughest jobs around is a waitress job. The job puts women on the frontlines of society, and sometimes the view is not that great.

The Social Power of Satire

Everyone enjoys a bit of humour. Everyone wants to have a bit of a laugh when they can, and the more laughs you have in your life then generally the more satisfied you will be and the more you will feel that you are living a good life.

Great Golf Advice – Just Keep Swinging

It’s a chilly October morning, the sun peaking over the trees to the east and trying — in vain so far — to warm the four golfers standing on the first tee. It’s their first time playing the Mark O’Meara course at Grandview. Mootoe has just popped a short, but thankfully straight, drive down the middle of the fairway…

3 Stupid Office Practical Jokes That Are Hilarious

So what makes a hilarious practical joke and what makes a stupid practical joke? Obviously, opinions will vary a lot and what you find funny your boss may not so be careful. However in many offices there is an established traditional of practical jokes, and in many others there probably should be. We spend so much time at work, a majority of our waking lives for many of us, but we really should enjoy ourselves there.

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