Logan Paul Criticizes Jake Paul’s Vicious Nate Robinson KO – IMPAULSIVE EP. 239

Low Cost Fun Party Ideas For Kids

Nowadays planning a children’s birthday can get pretty expensive if you’re not careful. Here’s how to keep costs down and the fun factor up!

Dancing With the Scars

Life being the embarrassment that it is, I decided to take dance lessons and give the public a good laugh; these days, there are so few comical moments. I stopped dancing about 20 years ago as none of my boyfriends knew how…

Christmas in July, August, Etc

Well, we saw it happen again last month-“Christmas in July!” Retailers and merchandisers just can’t seem to resist, and who can blame them? If you were in their shoes (even Guccis need folded newsprint tucked inside when the soles wear through), and saw how your bottom-line was bottoming out this Summer, you’d probably call Rent-a-Santa to hire a guy to dance, sweat, and twirl a sign in front of your business too. This year, Kmart and Toys ‘R’ Us showed their Christmas in July spirit by joining the movement in a big way, and helping us to beat that nasty old holiday rush. For most people, though, it’s the rush they get from the rush that brings them out.

How to Become a Friend of a Friend

A small group of New Yorkers who hang out and support each other during good and bad times, sounds like a great group to be in. This guide will instruct you on how to become a friend of a friend so you too can have a warm hug and shoulder to cry on when real life gets the best of you.

How to Become a Member of the Time Traveler’s Wives Club

Life is unpredictable, and even more so if you are married to a Time Traveler. He is born with a rare genetic condition called “Chrono Displacement Disorder.” As with any disorder, you have to adapt to what life has dealt him and this condition is no different. This manual describes how to become a member Time Traveler’s wives club.

Tips on How to Become the Subject of a Media Frenzy

Realty TV stars are hard to watch, but even harder to ignore if their real life turns into a paparazzi storm. If you are currently in the middle of your 15 minutes of fame and want to jump start your exposure to the mass media, this section on “How to become the subject of a media frenzy” is what you have been waiting for.

Funny Basketball Moments

Life is full a great moments and some of them are just down right funny. Like when your coach is trying to pump you up and he just gets ridiculous.

Historical Fiction and Telling Jokes Considered

Not all jokes are timeless, jokes that were told in different eras in history, with different uses of the words, and different cultures can easily get lost in translation. For someone writing historical fiction they need to make sure that the jokes that they are telling in the book are authentic, but they have to be careful which types of jokes they tell because some of those jokes will not be funny to the reader in the present period. It takes a lot of research to do it correctly, and if you do it exactly correctly your book might …

How to Become a Famous French Cook Like Julia Childs

If you are in the mood for changing careers, the government is offering programs to assist you in your retraining efforts. How to become a famous French cook gives you some insight into what your options are when selecting a particular discipline and defining your next move.

How to Become a Spokesman For a Hotel Discount Chain

Becoming a Starship Captain is no easy task. Years of training must be completed before you get your first starship. Once you hand over the captain’s chair and walk away from Starfleet, what are your options? This section answers the question “How to become a hotel discount spokesman” if that is your career choice.

Why Do Men Like Dirty Adult Jokes?

It’s true. Some men don’t like adult dirty jokes, but I think you’ll find that most men love them. Even guys who appear very conservative at first look, will often surprise you with a joke that they spring on you.

High Cost of Beauty

Being a female is not for the faint of heart. I’ve been one all my life and I can speak from hard earned experience. From the time we’re born, we’re adorned with cute bows in our hair and little undies with ruffles going across our backside. Some of us have our ears pierced before we even know we have ears.

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