Logan Paul Is Leaving California… IMPAULSIVE EP. 257

Comedy Club Booking and You

There’s a bit of artistry involved in finding the right environment to perform. If you’re a comedian, you want to book a comedy club that’s both inviting and honest. The one thing you don’t want to do is end up in a sleazy backroom where they sell used cars in the front and escorts in the back. When in search of the perfect venue, don’t be fooled by a smiling face and good suit; you want to make sure that your performance space is clean, open, and will leave you feeling like you’ve just performed for your icon.

Clean Comedy – Be Sure You’re Not Duped Into Buying Dirt

When it comes right down to it, not everybody is looking for a comic that can give a thorough tongue lashing to the audience. Sometimes people prefer their comedy clean. If such is the case for your event, you’ll want to make sure you hire a clean comedian. It’s not as hard as you’d think, but you’ve got to be sure that you’re getting what you paid for.

Pranks – The Good, the Bad and the Neutral

Pranking can be a lot of fun if done in a safe and fun manner – it is indeed an art too. There are a lot of pranks that can be done but it gets interesting enough only if you are very creative in doing so.

Victor, Victoria, Victorious

Sitting, staring into space and drinking very good coffee are three of my very favourite activities that I habitually combine into a singular act of imitating a work of still life. During one of my recent episodes of eyeballing space on a sunny terrace in Valletta in Malta, I happened to fix my gaze on a splendid statue of Queen Victoria. Many thoughts passed through my mind about the days of the Empire, British naval superiority and cucumber sandwiches.

How to Cure Fomo

Fomo is a relatively unknown yet extremely common disease that infects many travelers in nearly every country of the world. Left untreated Fomo can lead to unpleasant physical effects including increased anxiety, sleep deprivation, irrational behavior, cold sweats, and depression. Learn what FOMO is and how to cure it in this humorous article.

Why Santa Needs Travel Insurance

With the largest toy factory in the world, an army of elves and a red velvet fur-trimmed suit, it appears that Santa has everything he could possibly want for Christmas. However, if Mrs. Claus wanted to get him something really useful then she couldn’t go amiss with a cheap travel insurance policy. Here are five very good reasons for Santa to take out insurance before heading out on Christmas Eve:

Quoth the Vasectomy Doctor, – “Nevermore”

This is a funny article detailing, in a very humorous manner, the horrors that a vasectomy patient goes through. It isn’t likely to scare anyone off from a vasectomy and it will likely have him laughing at the whole idea.

Asking For Driving Directions – Man’s Kryptonite

Here’s the deal: boys like trucks and fast cars; girls love anything pretty and pink; and men, you know it’s true, simply cannot find the will within themselves to put away the over-sized map and stop to ask for driving directions. This is just the truth. There, I said it.

Funny Marine Boot Camp Stories That Are Worth Reading

Whether you’re one of those considering to join the USMC or you’re just plain interested about a Marine’s life, Marine boot camp stories are always nice to read and share mainly because almost everyone is curious about what goes inside the camp. Oh yes we are all aware of the challenges and hardships!

Achmed the Terrorist – Essential Background Reading About This Banned Ventriloquist Dummy

What is it that has made this simple funny looking skeletal dummy into a worldwide phenomenon? Seriously, how can someone make a suicide bomber into a funny character that has had audiences in fits of laughter worldwide? I’ve got some essential reading here for you to look at.

Free Funny Riddles and Puzzles Ideas

You know sometimes nothing is more fun than free funny riddles and puzzles that you can enjoy in your free time. Not only do they help you boost your energy and make you smile, but also mind games are a great exercise for your brain.

An Open Letter to Those Nice Folks at PETA

The holidays are here and once again it is time to engage in that old holiday tradition; listening to P.E.T.A. complain about the unethical treatment of turkeys, cows, chickens, and other edible animals.

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