Logan Paul & KSI Go Undercover At Walmart

Freedom, The French, and Old Orchard Beach

The summer of 1980. I had my license for over a year now and had done my best to do what damage I could to Mom’s car and even my grandparents’ car. This was a malicious act with the intent that if I did enough damage to theirs, they’d consider letting me buy one of my own.

10 Ways to Tell You’re Getting Older

There are many ways to tell we are getting older. Some are obvious, some aren’t. Here are ten sure fire ways to tell if you’ve reached that certain plateau in your life.

The Not So Fast Food Luncheon

It started out like any ordinary Daddy/Daughter Day. Honestly, I don’t know why we bother to call it that anymore since Mommy comes to lunch with us now.

The Ninja Bug Assassin

Bug lovers beware. There is a bug assassin on the loose who is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They are always among us. Is there on living with you?

The Ant and the Coffee Maker

It’s a catchy title for a story. It reminds me of one of Aesop’s Fables where there will be some lesson instilled in young minds who endure reading it. That’s probably not going to happen in this tale. Although, somebody might learn something from my mistake. That’s only a mere theory with no statistics to back it up whatsoever.

Two Girls in My Bed – Not Exactly a Fantasy

I woke up the other morning around 4 AM and there was this beautiful young girl in our bed between me and my wife. She was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and she smiled when I opened my eyes and she said…

The Pure and Simple Joys of Comedy

Even when you are in a really bad mood and you hear someone else laugh you cannot help but laugh right along with them, even if you don’t know them. There is not a better sound out there than someone laughing, truly laughing, and enjoying something that they have seen or heard. Remember the last time you were just flipping through the channels and you heard a funny joke and you started laughing hysterically?

My Favorite Top 10 Comedy Songs

Since music is my background and has been since the age of 9 and that I have been a comedian since 1980, I felt it only fitting that I do a Top 10 list of my favorite comedy songs. There have been so many novelty songs on the charts and in movies over the years and I hope I can remember all the ones that I have enjoyed and I will do my best. If I forget any of yours, let me know I and will update my list. I will just go through most of them and then put them in my list. With all that being said, here we go:

Pharmaceutical Commercials and Auto Ads Are Funny!

I have a simple solution to life’s problems, as far as my physical health is concerned. I don’t worry about things I can’t spell! This is a skill that is learned; you’re not born with it. I have to credit TV with this ability to block out concerns over my health by simply ignoring anything that could show up on the National Spelling Bee.

Why Laughter Is So Important In Our Lives

Do you spend a lot of time with work and other responsibilities that require you to be focused and serious? While it is necessary to focus on some things, you should always make time to have a good laugh and smile, or simply chuckle to yourself. There is no better way to do this than by watching a few very funny videos at the end of the day. There are some very funny videos out there that are just a few seconds in length that will not take much time out of your day, but will definitely add some enjoyment to it.

The Spanish Contribution to the Eurovision Songfestival

When you live in a foreign country you need time to understand the culture. If you focus on the humor part of the culture you can come up with many differences easily. Not only the content part of humor can be different but also the form; what was popular in one culture can become popular in another but many years after. This is like paintings: some countries have shifted their focus to a new modernist style while others still prefer the classical form. The contribution to the songfestival shows that Spain is changing.

How Do You Know Your Medication Level Is Correct?

Two days ago, I noticed that my mouth was hanging open and drool was cascading into my cereal. This event caused me to question if my medication dosage was a tiny bit too high. My spit mixing with the oatmeal enraged me enough to smash the bowl in my sink.

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