Logan Paul Responds to Jake Paul: “My Brother Is A Fake Fighter” – IMPAULSIVE EP. 249

Top 5 Funniest Excuses Given to Bank Manager

Banking is a serious business. Bank managers who appear to be to be cool and calm all the time are actually under a lot of pressure to satisfy their clients and to maintain a healthy and competitive work atmosphere for their team members. They are responsible for assessing and maintaining the conduct, behavior, and progress of their team.

Lost in Translation, How a Simple Spelling Error Can Reap Rewards and Become Family Lore

For my sister’s birthday I wanted to surprise her with a balloon bouquet, flowers were out of my budget range but I knew I could afford a nice spread of balloons. She worked as a hair stylist in Ketchum, Idaho and I wanted a big birthday display to celebrate her birthday. The balloons would be a nice way to announce it was her birthday.

Holidays on the Earth and Off

I came here to this planet and where is my manual? No tour guide! Nothing! You expect me to figure it out on my own? Duh!

Funny Videos Are Good For You

Whether you’re feeling good or bad, watching a funny video is good for you. What are the main advantages of watching funny video clips?

Children Are Made in Convenient Size For a Reason

Children are made in a convenient size for a reason. All parents know that telling a child to do something or stop doing something does not guaranty results. God, realizing the problem, made children in an easy to manage, miniature size…

Comedians and Workplace – A Fantastic Mix

Life is getting monotonous and it feels like you are plowing through the dredges every day looking for a bright spark. Then it hits you to do something simply outrageous that will lead to a raucous amount of laughter and terrible aches to the stomach because of laughing stitches. You are thinking of starting a comedy club or comedy night. You shoot it down because it is too idealistic and the logistics behind will drive you nuts. Its either that or you trudge back to the boredom. Well, its not. There is a silver lining in your pathetic life after all.

How to Find Stupid Funny Quotes For Free

You know how sometimes nothing is more entertaining than stupid funny quotes that make you laugh out loud. These short and simple quotes have the power to bring you laughter and joy in just a few seconds of reading them.

How to Be Funny – Part 11 – Use the “Pull-Back-And-Reveal” Technique

A lot of people will tell you that there are no shortcuts to success and for the most part they are right. However, for those of you out there that still have that burning desire to learn how to be funny then the “pull back and reveal” technique is about as close as you can get to having a tool you can use to bring out laughs almost instantly.

The 8 People Who Deserve a Prank Call

How many people do you encounter each day that deserve a prank call? Every day, we encounter people in our lives that just flat out annoy us. Sometimes they are our co-workers, oftentimes they are friends and family.

See You Later Alligator

I live in south Florida, no let me rephrase that, I live in south, south Florida. I live about 10 miles from the southern tip of Florida. In many ways this is paradise; warm sunny weather year round, lots of flora, and lots and fauna. We also have lots of alligators; and I do mean lots.

Funny Questions About Life – Part 5

I know, it’s hard to believe that I could actually come up with even more high quality, pithy, funny questions while maintaining the low standards of writing you’ve come to expect from such a hack writer as myself. But it’s a living.

Funny Before and After Photos

There are many funny photos that you may have in your life. These may photos that you really like and that you want to show to the world. You might be wondering where you can share these photos.

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