Logan Paul Speaks On David Dobrik, Masked Singer Reveal & Jake Paul VS. Ben Askren – IMPAULSIVE #270

Funny Captions Explained

Captions are text versions of the spoken word. Captions are primarily used for people who are hard of hearing to understand a video.

Thank God For Teenagers

Up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane…No! Its your friendly neighborhood teenager! Modern day super heroes don’t wear tights and a cape, and they don’t have a mask. They can’t fly, and they don’t have super strength. They just show up in tee shirts, and over sized baggy jeans, to save the day.

A Few Things That Were Left Behind In My Twenties

At a certain age you take an inventory of things you left behind-here are a few things that I left behind. Not all is missed.

What to Do When You’re Bored on a Friday Night

It’s a Friday night and you don’t have a date or perhaps your girlfriend ditched you last minute for a slumber party with her gals. Your buddies are all out in the bar having fun, 2 hours away. What would you do?

The Mosquito Wedding Feast

We thought we had planned everything perfectly right down to the tiniest detail. We had crossed every T and dotted every I in out quest for the perfect wedding. At least, that is what we thought until the unthinkable happened.

If My Family Were on CSI

If my family were on CSI, the show would be a whole lot different. For starters, they’d get to the crime scene late if there was a Daisy Donuts on the way – and if there was a liquor store en route, well, case closed, they’d never make it at all. They’d have to take a cab to the scene what with Skeeter losing his license and all. And Uncle Edsel wouldn’t be able to come if the crime happened within two hundred feet of a school.

40th Birthday Jokes

What is it about one’s 40th birthday that makes one dread it? The answer is that most people hate the thought of being “over the hill”!

It’s True, I Swear It – “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

I tried, I really tried to be a good neighbor today. I went out to the mailbox and noticed a package that had slipped off the porch into last year’s annuals. As you know, annual plants look great in the summer, but a lot like dead weeds in the winter. I retrieved the package and brought it in.

Don’t Worry – Be Funny!

The interesting thing about jokes is that you may hear a good joke and try to remember it for next time. What happens next is when you want to tell it a few weeks later, you can’t get the words right or you forget the punch line. Learning jokes then tell them later at social gathering or parties.

A Humorous Look at Potential New Cabinet Positions For the US Government

The modern political scene in Washington is very different from the traditional environment. Consequently, the President requires a whole additional set of advisors. Read about some of the positions that are absolutely essential in the modern world.

There Has Been One Funny Sports Nickname Lately

Like so many other guys my age (I suppose the correct term is “middle aged men”) I have become something of a curmudgeon. Nothing is as good as it used to be (although I am willing to admit that maybe the basketball shorts I wore in high school were shorter than they really needed to be). The NBA is all isolation plays and bad fundamentals. Baseball is all home runs and steroids. And the funny nicknames aren’t what they used to be.

How to Be Funny – By Being Yourself!

All of us have someone in his immediate family who is funny and most of us know someone who is funny. You can learn a lot from that person and understand what really makes him/her funny. Study that person and see why that person makes you laugh and find out why the others think that person is…

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