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College Comedians – New Comedy For the New School

Forget testing your routine at a new comedy club –or, you know, your grandparents’ basement. What a new comic needs is one of the toughest venues in the world: college. College comedians are a prized commodity at bigger universities who have the budget to hire entertainment.

Standup Comedy For Tough Audiences

If you want to do standup comedy, you have your work cut out for you. Things that were funny years ago aren’t so funny anymore. People today have access to more entertainment than they can possibly pay attention to. Comedy is all around. If you want to make people laugh, it’s not so easy anymore.

Learning Standup Comedy – The Facts

There are many, many people in the world who think they’re funny. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you tell a joke and have your friends in stitches. If this is you, then you might be thinking about going into standup comedy. If you are, you should know that it isn’t easy.

Comedy Writing – Creating Hilarious Comedy Routines

In order to write a good joke, it is best to start with a real story. When you’re telling that story to an audience, make good use of pauses to get the audience to laugh. Then expand on the story with your own joke or punchline.

Punchline Mechanics – How to Make Them Laugh

Everyone has a favorite punchline. The punchline is what makes or breaks a joke. It will get your audience laughing, or produce dead silence. One well-known (and much overused) punchline is “that’s what SHE said”. This isn’t necessarily an example of a good punchline, even though it tends to get a laugh when it is delivered in the right situation.

How to Take Your Comedy Routine to the Next Level

If you have those basics down, then these are some more advanced tips for delivering a great standup comedy routine. First, pay attention to your attitude. Secondly, control the stage and the audience. Lastly, don’t be afraid to adjust your material on the spot.

Keepers of the Useless

People tend to hang on to things way past their usefulness, you know? Which is why I set out to make fun of my wife for doing it only, like always, ended up bringing it back on myself. So, I still had my junior high activity card in my wallet until I was 28 – What of it?

Fun With Forms

Forms, forms, forms. It seems like all the time, everywhere we go, we end up filling out some kind of form. Well, don’t you just get so sick and tired of it sometimes?

The Don’ts of Standup Comedy – What You Must Avoid

So you want to be a comedian? You think you’re funny? You might be right, and if you are there are resources to make you even funnier. They will help you write jokes and standup routines. However, just like not everyone is the funny guy, there are some things that are definite don’ts when you are preparing to do standup comedy.

Beware of the Hair Demon!

It could be I’m just hair-o-phobic, but my belief is that an evil hair demon is secretly weaving his hairy army into every corner of the world. But then, that’s my old roommates fault, and I’ll tell you why.

Humor and the Shadow

Great comedians each have their own unique style, yet they all have one thing in common. They never fear their own shadow. In fact, the best comedians put their shadow side into the spotlight, holding it out for all to see.

Paradise For My Parasites

My nutritionist informed me the other day that I have parasites in my body. If you are getting the image of a bunch of deadbeats lining up at a welfare pay window inside my body you are probably wrong. I hope.

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