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How to Start Your Own Comedy Podcast

This helpful how to guide will show you how to plan, create and distribute your own comedy podcast. We cover formatting, recording, and the execution involved in a comedy podcast.

Free Animated Ecards

Welcome to the new world, to the new century! Each day we navigate the internet in hope of finding something good and funny to make our day better. Well, you’ve come to the right place then because we’ve got something good and funny: free animated ecards.

Animated Electronic Greeting Cards

Do you greet your friends and colleagues at work every day and you want your greetings to be different and special every day? Just relax because I can help you with that. I have something useful and special for you: animated electronic greeting cards.

Animated New Year Cards

The end of this year is close. Another year in our book of life goes away and never comes back. Time is like a machine that never stops and never looks back, just goes away day after day, year after year, leaving marks in our life.

Animated Cards

Animated cards are a good and unique combination between animated movies and simple paper cards. It has features from both animated movies and paper cards. They’re like an animated movie with characters that are so funny and make our every day better – or our friends’ day better.

Discover Comedy Shows in NYC

Comedy shows in NYC vary in time and style. There are basically two types of comedy clubs in New York and that determines the type of show. Going to the smaller boutique clubs can be a tight fit at times and the chances of having “A-list celebrities” are slim…

Variety in NYC Comedy

NYC comedy is as versatile as its people. In New York City we find all types of people from Africans, Asians, Latin people and much more. Given that each group and person has a different sense of humor, NYC comedy can be a buffet of laughs.

Discover New York’s Comedy Cellar

There are a number of clubs in New York city that specialize in comedy but the Comedy Cellar is among the most popular ones. Its location right in the centre of Manhattan perhaps adds to its popularity due to easy access and the fact that this is a busy locality.

Brutal Battlefield: Working NYC Open Mics

Suitable events for amateur performing artists to showcase their talent are NYC open mics. Such events are popular in a number of bars and coffee houses where anyone who can is invited to perform. NYC open mics are ideal for the amateur artist to gain valuable experience in performing before an audience.

A Staple of the City: NYC Comedy Clubs

While in New York City one may want to check out NYC comedy clubs. New York City never sleeps. It is one of the busiest cities in the world and is a constant buzz of activity. In the “Big Apple” it’s important to find a good way to relax after a long day or night of work. Having a good laugh with some friends or workmates at NYC comedy clubs is just the way to go about it

Secret to Spending Less in NYC: Free Events

It is said that New York is the city that never sleeps and as such there are always things to do in this city any time of day or night. Among these there are also numerous free events NYC has to offer that are both educational and stimulating.

Golf Humor: Crazy Golfers

Golf is a game that will make you crazy! Over the years I’ve met all kinds of crazy golfers-so crazy I decided to write them all down. Are you among these crazy golfers?:

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