Meeting Lana’s Baby…

Shrimp: A Different Take On An Old Word

Let us take a long hard look at the word ‘shrimp’. Where does it come from? Where is it used?

Anti-Paparazzi VTOL Drones Considered

Obviously the rich and famous have a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi. You see, the famous folks need the media attention to propel their fame, but also want privacy, thus, causing a severe case of “catch-22” in their professional and personal lives. Recently, our think tank began to consider all this and determined that their just might be a way to fix this challenge, so let’s take a future look at some of the solutions to this, shall we?

Is Johnny Depp Like Nelson Mandela?

Television Stars Sometimes Feel Burdened By Their Jobs. Johnny Depp was frustrated he couldn’t move to the big screen.

How to Find the Perfect Motivational Poster

There are thousands of motivational posters on the market, and each one motivates people in a different way. So, how to find the perfect motivational poster? Some posters lift you up, inspire you, remind you of your dreams and ambitions and hail the values you hold as an individual. Humorous posters help to lift you up when you’re down and shed some lightness on otherwise serious situations.

Movie Star Maps

Not all Hollywood stars mind having their addresses on a map. Very fun anecodotes about tourists interacting with celebrities and more!

The Trouble With “Capitalism”

Finally, it dawned on me that the president does, indeed, have a grand plan for fixing the mess we’re in, and you Obama-fans are to be heartily congratulated for knowing this erudite leader would be smart enough to solve it all. He isn’t borrowing mountains of cash from China… no! He’s selling off unneeded portions of the U.S. to the Peoples’ Republic! Starting with Hawaii….

Riding Horses With Kids

Just as most mothers of small children would agree, riding horses with the kids, beats the only other alternative; not riding at all. A couple of minor adjustments over the years have prolonged my riding enthusiasm. The primary adjustment of riding tandem in the saddle is to have given birth to a smaller kid.

It’s A Blurb! It’s A Blame! It’s Super Committee!

It was August, it was hot as heck, and the situation was dire. The president needed his credit limit increased in time for the holidays, or the world would be destroyed! So he took the sort of drastic action only a career politician with vast experience in community organizing could take: he appointed a committee….

A Wall Street Tribute to Katy Perry’s Song TGIF – Last Friday Night

Not long ago, I was on a road trip and it was late at night in the middle of nowhere, 200 miles from anywhere, or at least any city whose name you’d recognize, and it was 2 AM in the morning on a Weekend. That song by Katy Perry kept coming on the radio. I guess people kept requesting it, you know the one: “Last Friday Night!

Funny Jokes and Quotes – Providing Laughter and Bonding For As Long As Anyone Can Remember!

One thing that everyone, regardless of language, culture, race, age, gender, etc, has in common is that everyone loves a good joke. This is a universal truth that spans from one side of the earth to the other. Hearing a good joke from time to time definitely soothes one’s soul. People know jokes of all kind, from squeaky clean one liners to dirty jokes that are so long they qualify as narratives and everything in between.

Laughing Is Good For Your Overall Health

Our life is full of daily stresses and a good laugh can be a great way to relieve us from the heavy weight that we are feeling out of our daily routines, work, academic endeavors and several others. It is said that laughter is the best medicine and besides the jokes that our friends share and the pranks we see, comedy films have been popular ways to make us smile.

Top 10 Overused Expressions

Since I like to write, the value of a well chosen word or phrase is not lost on me. But lately I have noticed some common phrases that once sounded fresh and interesting have become tired and annoying from overuse. Therefore before the year 2011 comes to an end I am officially releasing my list of: TOP TEN EXPRESSIONS THAT SHOULD CLOSE THEIR EYES ON THIS WORLD FOREVER.

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