Mike & Lana Broke Up (Officially) – IMPAULSIVE EP. 259

Time For a Chuckle – 21 Ways to Annoy Everyone

A daily dose of laughter and joy enriches all aspects of life. It is a great stress reducer and encourages a number of physical benefits including the production of endorphins and disease fighting immune cells.

Food? Check – Drinks? Check – Hire Comedians? Check

It is painful to see middle income families and workers still thinking that luxuries are meant for the rich. Well, reality check, it is not. Luxuries are aplenty and getting cheaper by the minute. This enables the non-ultra-rich to enjoy and be entertained by what was first seen as exclusive to only the ultra-rich.

Santa’s Cookie Problem Solved – There Will Be Christmas This Year!

Christmas is saved. The jolly old elf is feeling better and is ready to deliver the presents. All the leaders of the world came together in a Christmas miracle.

10 Things to Do When Bored at Work

Are you sitting in your office, tired of working and bored to death as usual? Don’t worry, there are loads of fun things you can do even in a boring environment like your office.

Yada Yada Pastures – Seinfeld 40 Years on in a Retirement Home – A Possible Screenplay

How come Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer are together in a retirement home. Has time changed them? Who is running the home. This and more in this first installment of Yada Yada Pastures – a possible future spinoff.

I Sing Like a Toad

Like most people, after a hard week of work I feel the need to decompress; you know let my hair down and have some fun. I often like to have fun by going down to the local watering hole where they have karaoke every Friday night. Like most of the people in there, it often takes a couple of rounds of brews to get the guts to go up and sing.

Breaking News, Emergency Meeting Called by the United Nations to Save Santa and His Cookie Addiction

The United Nations has called an emergency meeting to try to broker a peace deal between Santa Claus and the United States government in a bid to save Christmas. It has also been brought to light where Santa is and how his “cookie addiction” help is coming along.

Dead Baby Jokes – Why Are They Funny?

Some people love dead baby jokes, while other people can’t imagine why others love them. After all, they are usually crude, rude, tasteless, disgusting, violent, and just downright repulsive. Here’s an attempt to explain why they are funny, and why ANY joke is funny. Will we every know why?

Retirement Humor – Jokes That Aren’t Over the Hill!

Retirement humor, jokes about getting older and senior citizen jokes are certainly nothing new. But some of these jokes will be new to you. You might be getting older, but your retirement jokes don’t have to. You could even earn some extra cash for your retirement humor with some of these suggestions.

Fire and Icicles

After living my entire life up in the frozen tundra of Western New York (with the exception of a two year stint at the University of Miami), I have spent the last seven years in the paradise known as Miami, Florida. After dreading the coming of winter for so many years, I am now in the enviable position of looking forward to it.

Santa’s Cookie Addiction Update – Did Santa Receive? Money For a Cookie and Milk Bailout

After some intense interviewing of hidden sources in the elf community the truth is starting to come out on why Santa secretly left the Christmas compound at 2:00 in the morning of December 12th. With only a week and a half till Christmas Eve there still is no word from santa. Will he be able to return in time to deliver the presents.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home – But Which Room is the Liver?

Have you seen the public service announcement about The Family Table? I almost saw it once but Hubby clicked through the channels so fast I caught only half of it.

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