My Best Friend’s Painful Surgery…

Of Snakes and Celebrity Marriages

There are always articles online and in print about well known people reconciling with their errant spouses caught with twilight girls or other women of dubious virtue. Some choose to stay with these spouses and we speculate here as to why they would do that.

How to Become a Successful Christian Comedian

This article is about the basics of becoming a successful Christian Comedian. Basic steps of getting on stage and becoming a known christian comedian that will impress your audience.

Dickens Would Love “A Broncos Carol”

The ol’ Broncos were dead – as dead as a doornail. This must be clearly understood (and at 1-4, believe me, it was clearly understood), or nothing of the miraculous can be perceived in that which follows….

Chutzpah – My Problems in Finding the Meaning and Usage of the Word

I thought looking up in a dictionary for a word is a child’s play. I found, to my horror, it’s more complicated than what I thought.

Bodyilicious – The New Shape for Women

What good are women without curves? Women with curves are eye candy. When all women shed their excess weight and wear zero size dresses, this world will be a dull place to live. It’s women who complain first about such state of affairs.

I’m Good, God. I’m Good.

Sometimes, the Bible’s advice to “love your neighbor as yourself” isn’t always as easy to do as it sounds. There are times when good neighborly relations can be downright difficult to maintain. Not so long ago, God sat me down to have a little conversation about how I view and treat my own neighbors.

In Defense Of Clowns – Jokers, Politicians and the Games They Play

Jokes, comparisons and cartoons of a political nature have been a staple of campaigns and party slogans in America for centuries. Recently, there appears to be a surge in the media suggesting similarities between politicians and clowns. As a circus clown I would like to take this opportunity to set a few things straight.

Workers Of The World, Untie!

Maybe the reason a community organizer could rise to the highest office in the land is that, well, the leftist community has always been in great need of organization. The trouble with socialism, as Maggie Thatcher said, is that you eventually run out of other people’s money… but the trouble with socialists seems to be that they can’t ever agree on which of them is best suited for totalitarian leadership of the Utopia they envision….

Is There Room in British Culture for Bizarro Fiction?

Is there room for Bizarro Fiction – the literary genre of the weird and wonderful- in British culture? One British Bizarro Author argues that yes- our innate ‘Britishness’ is feeding ground for the Bizarro writer….

Sorry Tale of My Mustache

In India, a mustache is a sign of masculinity and virility. When Mahatma Gandhi took over the leadership of the freedom movement he advocated people to grow beards mainly to hurt the import of British blades and razors. Since Independence, mustaches of all kinds have regained their popularity and past glory.

Mobile Manners!

Mankind has found some meaning for itself in this endless universe by acquiring an existentially potent entity called the mobiles or cell phones. The ‘mobile’ partnership has become so crucial that it’s time enough to try defining some ‘manners’ that should essentially be an integral part.

The Turkeys We Send To DC

You’ve heard the old joke, the one they tell every year at this time: “Know why they aren’t having Thanksgiving in (Chicago)? They sent the turkey to Washington!” Usually, the quip refers to the president – any president – but lately, all the elected federal officials from both parties have been particularly turkey-like….

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