My Dark Confession to Mike’s Girlfriend…

Life As a Red Crayon

The red crayon in this short story compares itself to all the other colors. It views each crayon the way it is believed each color would view themselves, but in a twist the red crayon tells the truth behind each of the other crayons.

Wikidleaks Annoys Government Horror

This is a spoof article. The characters, names and events in it are made up.

Top 10 Hilarious Jokes

The front door was accidentally left open and our dog was gone. After unsuccessfully whistling and calling, my husband got in the car and went looking for him. He drove around the neighborhood for some time with no luck.

Being Funny in Front of an Audience

A comedian is either a funny guy telling stories, or a guy telling funny stories. One of them has more longevity, but if you want to be a comedian, or you have to make a funny speech, here are some tips, whether you think you’re funny or not.

Double Cross Card Trick

This is a type of easy card tricks which everybody can learn to execute. First, you ought to ask a spectator to tell you to shuffle the play cards for as much as they desire, simply because irrespective of how much they are mixed, at the end of the trick the cards will be in the exact same order as at the outset.

Secret Comment

Be careful where your comments end up. They could cause some trouble down the road!

How to Laugh Stress Away

This article showcases some of the benefits of laughter. Laughter reduces stress.

A Be(E) Hive

Words that begin with and contain the near-syllable ‘be’ are compiled to form a Be(e) Hive. Beware of the be(s),some can sting and some are too strong to handle!

A Smiley Issue

The power of the smiley and its use in our lives! Is it becoming too cliched or can it stand the test of time? An insight into the world of smileys.

Scientists Reaction to an Invitation

Since words have more than meaning people use them to convey their thoughts in a different way. Here the words have been so used that the reply given by the scientists clearly tells the reader what invention/discovery they were famous for.

Forget the SPCA, We Need an SPCB

We love babies but treat them badly. They get only milk, no tasty food or drink and no entertainment. This scars their psyche and leads to frustrated adults and wars. We urgently need an SPCB, Society for prevention of Cruelty to Babies.

Sometimes I Really Am The Hydrant

It actually started before I went to sleep last night, but I’m going to group it all together, cause it sure feels like it belongs together. My mother brought over a corner desk for me (no, I never asked for a corner desk) that had belonged to a friend of hers, and was on it’s way out the door, so my mother thought she would be nice and bring it to me (somehow, I end up with a lot of stuff in this manner). I figured what the hell, I didn’t like my current situation of having my computer in a closet (no matter how many home and garden shows tell you to put your computer in the closet because it’s “out of the way” and “a space-saver” and “attractive when you close the closet door,” don’t listen – it sucks). I had actually really warmed up to the idea of moving my living room around and having this massive desk placed in one corner (it had been at my house for a week now, because my mother had brought the parts and not the bolts, and I truly couldn’t wait to use it).

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