My Final Message to KSI

Democrat Jokes

There are a lot of funny things that democrats do. Typically, the Republicans and other conservatives love to poke fun at (1) how much money the democrats spend, (2) the increase, in size, of the government, and (3) taking away freedom of choice.

Jean Paul Gaultier – “Codpieces Are Coming Back”

Jean Paul Gaultier, the famous designer who introduced man-skirts in the 80’s and produced costumes for Madonna in the 90’s, including her cone-shaped bra for the Blond Ambition Tour, is now setting his sights on a fashion for men, codpieces. A codpiece is a pouch that attaches to the front of men’s trousers to accentuate the genitals.

I Have Rocks in My Yard

I have rocks in my yard. I suspect almost everyone, except for those absurdly fortunate folks who live in Florida, do. However, when I say rocks I don’t mean, “Man, I had better move this before I hit it with my lawn mower and it breaks a window” type of rock. I mean, “Man, where’s the tractor and do I have enough chain to wrap around these suckers?” types of rocks.

Local Ceiling Fan Caught Circulating Propaganda

On the ceiling of Phil’s Fan Store on the corner of County Road J and County Road R, there is a fan that has been hanging around, maybe a little too long. Saturday afternoon, in the peaceful town of Menomonie, the Guzman family was browsing through Phil’s, a family owned store since 1957. They were interested in purchasing a nice quiet fan that would give them no trouble, but trouble is exactly what they got.

Local Mime Behind Real Bars

For years, Bagenville’s premiere mime, George “Get me out of this Box” Druthers has been badgering audiences with his act. You could always expect him to follow you through the Town Hall district doing the rope, the lean, eating imaginary hamburgers, and of course, his finale, trapped in a box.

NASA Study – Saggy Pants Problem Tied to Earth’s Gravity

Wheatley, who has been working on the problem for the past 3 years, believes he has found a scientific explanation. At a press conference at NASA’s headquarters this morning, Wheatley stated, “After hundreds of tests, I have found the cause for sagging pants.

Baby Buying Frenzy

The news of conception has barely been passed along when it happens. Through some inexplicable method of communication the word goes out to all female relatives of the child to be. “LET THE BUYING BEGIN!” And boy does it ever begin.

How to Find Open Mics

As a budding stand-up comedian, you might start out by having resistance from local comedy clubs in your place. In the interim, you have to give open mics a try. By no means that should you give up trying for the clubs, but in the meantime, open mics would probably give you a platform you will not normally get.

Performing Tips

Listed here are more ideas as well as pointers you can do in order to get yourself on the road to being a competent stand up comedian: Make videos of your shows. You need to be able to get back and look at the way it turned out. There could be some things that you did not like and might have to have adjustments.

Surrealistic Pillow

What exactly do we mean by ‘surreal’? Because if we mean, as I think we do, what is unreal, imaginary, impossible and higher than life, then let me tell you something, there isn’t such thing. Life has shown me that there is nothing that you shouldn’t expect.

Carpenters and Computers

Computer people are a special lot. We tend to take things literally and have little side to side vision when it comes to a problem we have.

Have a FIT and Get Well – Psychiatry’s Miracle Breakthrough!

Detractors of course are fond of pointing to the millions of deaths and mental breakdowns of people in psychiatric care but such hysterical aspersions are easy to dismiss as those deaths can be statistically proven to be of people who would have died eventually anyway. Besides, critics of psychiatry have been found – for irrefutable evidence, see the minutes of our last national conference – to be suffering from COP (Criticizing of Psychiatry Disorder) or Prooforexia (an obsession with introducing science into mental health).

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