Caution: Wet Floor

I really enjoy good road signs. While I am driving, they help me to realize the spots where a duck might be crossing or a rock might be falling, and they help me to know where a school might be nearby. Clearly these are phenomena I would not be able to figure out on my own. However, I think it’s time for me to reveal that my all-time favorite sign — at least for a week — isn’t one that I see on roads. It’s a universal classic and a savior to many: the “Caution: Wet Floor” sign…

These Storms Aren’t Really Storms

There is no truth to the rumor that the president’s hometown will now be known as the “Appropriately Windy City, No More Windy Than Any Other…” You might think those were tornadoes that ravaged Alabama and Missouri during the last couple of months. Maybe you thought, “Hmm, you hear about tornadoes in places like Oklahoma and Texas, all the time, but… Alabama?” So you were surprised, but since Big Media told you those really were tornadoes, you believed it.

Innocents Abroad – How We Found Our Dream Home

Seeking a place in the sun, we didn’t scour websites (they didn’t exist), we didn’t consult property experts and we neglected to hire a lawyer. In other words we were ripe for the plucking.

There’s No Such Thing As A Debt Ceiling

The other day, we’re driving down the road, and I see a big AWESOME boat and trailer parked out in front of a dealership. “Cool!” I say. “I’m getting that!” But Colonel Wife was all, like, no way we could afford to spend that kind of money. But I go, “Ridiculous. We’ll just raise our Debt Ceiling…”.

My Imaginary Product – Cellu Pro Slimming Laptop Software

Pharmaceutical companies all over the world are selling many weight loss products over the internet and are minting money by fooling people by their clever talks. They make millions by convincing people like you, but at the end of the day nothing happens. In such a busy lifestyle, it is almost impossible to lead a healthy routine. Around 40% of the world population is suffering from obesity. Obese people always keep on hunting for various slimming products to bring their bodies into shape.

Keep Colin Busy

This article illustrates the funny, but silent battle between an office manager and his employee. It will leave you laughing.

The Lighter Side of Shingles – Body Not Roof

The lighter side of shingles? Seeing this must be like viewing an accident on the freeway; you don’t want to look but you find yourself doing it. How could there possibly be a lighter side to such an invasive, destructive condition? Learn to cope with humor or buy some stock in tissues – you’re going to need them.

Make Sure You Get The Right Comedian For Your Event With A Booking Agency

When you need to hire a professional comedy act for a corporate function, a comedy club or for a Christian comedy event, it’s important to find the right entertainer. There are so many good quality acts out that it can be hard to know where to start. A professional booking agency can take the stress out of searching through the internet for a comedian, and it will help ensure that you end up with an act that fits perfectly with your event.

Date Night for Christian Married Couples With Couples Night Out

Many relationship experts strongly believe that in order for any marriage to be successful, it is vital that you and your spouse partake in regular ‘date nights’ in order to keep the spark alive. Due to the demands of modern life, this can seem impossible for some couples to achieve on a regular basis, but it is important that you make time for one another and that both parties understand the importance of date nights.

Leadership Traits – Does Your Leader Have These Traits?

I’ve been a leadership counselor for years, but since the last presidential election I’ve come to realize that I’ve been doing it all wrong. Clients often ask me what the great leadership traits are, and of course no one has a comprehensive list. But given what I’ve learned since 2008, I’ve revised my list of the core traits that make a great (as far as you know) leader. Here are some of the biggies….

Single Life in California in One Sentence

When you have been a part of the scratching, crawling blood drawing fight just to catch the brides bouquet, kicking and screaming that it belongs to you, not the blushing brides 12 year old aunt Jessica; and you know her name because she invited you to join the reception even though you weren’t invited and don’t even know the wedding party, you were just watching because it seemed romantic; when you have seen every friend, co-worker, aunt, second and third cousin marry; when you’re part in cyber space is the personal ad you placed on that overpriced internet dating service…

Unique Entertainment For Your Corporate Event

A successful corporate event will require the consideration of a number of factors. From the venue to the food and even the amount of guests to arrive; every aspect requires thorough planning in order to help the overall success of the evening. An often overlooked aspect of corporate events is the entertainment. With a wide range of event planning services at our disposal, it can be easy to allow an external company to run ahead with every aspect of our special event. However, this can often have disastrous results if our guests are not correctly catered for.

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