What’s the Difference Between a Good Comedian and a Great Comedian?

How does a great comedian hold the room? The answer is simple and it’s the same answer that will increase your business and take you from a good company to a great one. Learning this simple lesson and how it’s going to shape marketing, particularly online, in the next year, will be the single most important step you take in your company’s future.

Top 10 Fart Games

Farting can be a fun and thrilling activity if you are careful not to offend anyone. Here are the top 10 fart games that you can play when you are feeling gassy.

Learn How To Break The Ice

Jokes can be used to ease tension during meetings or before a class. Learn how to come up with some funny ones.

Flash Mob – Worse Than Flashing a Mob

Remember when for two weeks last year, Flash Mob’s weren’t annoying beyond belief? I’ve yet to take part in one for many reasons including having things to do during the day, like work and as well, I don’t think it will help me meet the cast of Glee.

The Debate for Facial Hair

I have a goatee. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a goatee. Okay, it’s only been a week and a half. But it’s kind of like when you’re hung over and forget what it’s like to not be feeling that way. It’s just there and you can’t shake it. So why you ask, do I have this thing?

Winter Awards

Living in Calgary, there are many reasons lately to be unhappy. Most of them are a likely related to the weather going from tolerable to unbearable to “are you kidding me” in the span of a few days. But as much as I have to complain about, I think that it’s important to keep things in perspective.

Comfortable Silence

Are we running out of things to talk about? TV and movies are being remade; sequels for less than average are happening way more than they should and do I need to discuss how many spin-offs are occurring? It’s worse than a run on sentence!

How to Make Motivational Posters

What motivates you? Most people will tell you money, possessions or family. While these are obviously great motivators, there is a whole new type of motivation on the rise. Learn how to make motivational posters!

Funny Cat Videos Will Make You Laugh

The internet offers plenty of entertainment and that is very true when you look at funny cat videos. They are going to get you rolling and several of them you will want to watch over and over again. Too often people perceive cats as just lying around and doing nothing. So it is very magical for them to see these animals in action and doing some bizarre things.

Nicknames For Babies and/or Sloths – A Top Ten List

A good overall nickname that applies to both girls and boys. You might have heard somebody say to their son or daughter, “Way to go champ” or “That’s my champ!” This nickname applies to sloths as well. I was once at the zoo in the sloth section and overheard an old woman saying…

The ‘Missing’ Onion

A vegetable vendor in Basaveshwarnagar area here in Bangalore adjacent to a popular eating joint keeps rows of plastic bins containing various vegetables on both sides of his shop. A poor old lady entered the shop and picked 4/5 onions from the top plastic bin to the left of the shop and handed them over to the shop-keeper to weigh them and meanwhile enquired, “Kiloge eshtu anna?” [What is the rate per Kilo? -in the local language Kannada] “68/= rupees,” was the gruff reply.

Various Comedy Podcasts To Enjoy Watching

People do enjoy watching hilarious and funny comedies. Comedy podcasts substitute this genre since they can be down loaded from the internet and be watched. The internet users will get it much easier to access these comical performances. This creates amusement in life and all is well to relieve stress.

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