My New Bird!

Funny Quotes – Making The Best Of Them

How we live these days, often presents us with very stressful and demanding situations. It doesn’t necessarily make a difference how much cash we have or the material possessions we have, all of us have issues which affects us consistently on a day to day basis. Having said that, with a little humour almost everything can be overcome.

Exporting Raymond

Laughter may be a universal language, but humor has to be translated. And it takes more than a dictionary to find out what’s funny in another culture.

My Funeral

I watched the funerals of some prominent Christians with great fascination and thought it was the way to go. When my time comes, I also would like to go in the same style.

The Real Truth About Vampires, Really!

If you haven’t noticed, in the past few years half of the women in the world have all of the sudden fallen in love with vampires. If you’ve ever wondered how that came to be, here’s the real truth about vampires, really!

A Theatrical Debut With Mixed Reviews

It began as a simple mid-morning walk – one mom, two teenage nieces, two youngsters, and a baby. The teens, Ashlyn and April kept the whole procession vivid with their incessant ramblings while the rest of us listened and I pushed Angelo in his stroller. We decided to take a route that we’d not taken before.

Using Humor on Your Date – When It’s Appropriate to Be Funny

Do you have a pretty good sense of humor? Maybe you have one of those sense’s of humor that it just comes out of our mouth before you have the chance to filter it? What may be funny to you, may not be funny to others. So, when it is appropriate to be funny? When do you use humor on your date?

How to Spot a Zombie, Kill a Zombie and Stay Alive

There are many signs and symptoms to look for when determining whether or not a zombie is standing in front of you. Discover what to look for and what to use to defend yourself, including a crow bar, billiard cue stick, or other weapon in a zombie attack.

How To Make People Laugh With Your Eyes

The eyes are perhaps the most expressive feature on anyone’s face. With the eyes, we can express joy, sadness with tears, anger, amazement as well as many other emotions.

Are You Out Of Ideas?

I would just stare at a blank sheet of paper and didn’t know how to start. Having a pencil in my hand doesn’t help at all. What can I draw? Where do I pluck my ideas from? Ideas simply don’t appear out of thin air! When there is no inspiration…perspiration sets in!

Oven Mitts

What is it about oven mitts that everyone is so crazy about? It seems that every household has at least a couple of them hanging around. Typically, they are found near the stove area in the kitchen.

Golf Humor Column: Whatever You Say

Golf salespeople are the some of the best in retail. They are smooth. They think they can sell you just about anything. Because they do.

There Was A Time When Radio Was Fun

I am old enough that I can remember before we had a TV in our home and we would listen to the radio. I listened to Red Skelton, Amos and Andy and lots of other radio shows.

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