Never Sleep With Her On The First Date – IMPAULSIVE EP. 307

Pre Memorial Day Musings

The ‘until 40’ thought helped me immensely back then;however, the year I turned 40 was a bit uncomfortable, especially when my new company car that year was a coffin colored bronze. Is there a bit of superstition in each of us?

Memorial Day Humor

This is a funny look at Memorial Day parties and gatherings! Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Commuting – As Old As The Wheel

Commuting. The very word conjures up visions of frustration and long lines of vehicular madness.The idea is as old as man, even predating the invention that is responsible for our present state of insanity.

How Do You Fix Stuff Without Losing Your Mind?

Fixing stuff yourself can be a satisfying thing, if you are ridiculously lucky and nothing goes wrong. Yeah right! What are you smokin’ dude!

10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wife

Do you like the outdoors? Love to lie in the snow in your boxer shorts at night? Like the ice water running through your hair? Ok, say these things to your wife and she’ll throw you out there!

Why You Really Need Quantum Theory

Quantum theory can be really useful round the house. No home should be without it. But you need to get to the speed of light. I will help you with this! Read on for speedy enlightenment.

Wash Your Hands Before Flushing – Please

Google “What is the average age for potty training?” as I just did, and the first result that comes up is something from the University of Michigan Health System. Now, originally I thought, “Well, what does the University of Michigan know about the toilet?” but then I remembered that is where its most recent football season went. According to an article on the site, the average human is ready for potty training at the age of 24 to 27 months. It is assuring to know that in terms of our own waste, we are only 24 to 27 months behind cats. But that’s okay — we’re better than cats in other ways. For example, we can create funny commercials in which we make it seem like cats are singing when in actuality they are not. Yes, we sure do have an advantage over those cats!

Benefits Of Laughter

Laughing is the best medicine. It will help you to make it through anything. Wherever you go and whatever you do, be sure to keep your smile on!

Chicken In Malay Idioms

Learn to speak Malay by calling a Malaysian guy chicken. Rest assured this is not an insult. If you don’t know why, come and take a lesson from the chicken which often appears in Malay idioms.

Cruel & Unusual Punishments When Fishing Goes Bad

As I sit here on squid roe, reaching minnowpause, I realize I have marched to a different drummer all my life. Now, nearly mentally eel, I’ve haddock with life. Hence the world’s worst fish pun story. Here ’tis. Caution: Should have a very strong stomach to digest this story. It is not for the squeamish.

How Did I Get A Demon Boss?

I’ve heard rumours that some people actually have a boss that’s kind and considerate, and gives them pay rises every so often. My question is; what planet is this on? I wanna go there!

An Elephant Sat On The Hood Of My Car (Part 1)

He did not want to go but she insisted and so the arrangements were made. What happened from that point forward was almost too much to believe.

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