Nick Kroll: The Voice Behind Hollywood’s Hormones – IMPAULSIVE EP. 240

Comebacks and Humor and You

Everyone’s felt it before: Your coworker makes the odd comment. Your emotions are boiling, there’s very little you can make up on the spot to comeback at them. Using humor in a concise fashion is often touted as a gift from above, or containing some sense of divinity inherent innately. Everyone enjoys laughing; scientific research actually proves that serotonin production increases by laughing even while sad.

Pet Peeves With Words

There are words and phrases that just drive me crazy. What are people thinking when they use them?

Wild and Crazy Stickin Up Hair

A few years ago we had such fun getting acquainted with some of the ranchers in John Day, Oregon where we had recently moved, one such rancher was a great Cowboy Poet, from California, with an open, easygoing character. This fella was one of the first to welcome us into the area. He invited us to sit in with a bunch of the local ranchers, just after we had first met.

Funny Bathroom Signs

Do you have a quirky sense of humor, and want that added to your home decor but you don’t know how? Or maybe you’re a college student with an annoyingly bare wall staring at you? Funny bathroom signs can be a great way to bring some humor into your life and living area. Read on to learn more.

Get Fat Fast

Do you want to get fat fast contrary to the popular concept of dieting and exercise? Then read this article to get absolutely huge. I guess this will be helpful if you want to become a sumo wrestler or something.

Hilarious Weight Loss Jokes

These will certainly lighten up your dieting mood. Read some of these jokes, and you’ll be sure to smile.

Comic Mike Birbiglia is an NPR Favorite – For Good Reason

Mike Birbiglia is an observational comic who is often heard on NPR’s This American Life. If you listen to his comedy, it becomes clear why Birbiglia’s style is a particularly good fit for NPR’s style.

Best Online Jokes, Online Riddles, Have Fun

Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven “ate” nine!

Protection From the Physical Entity?

There are entities and non-entities who never fail to entertain and titillate us. But, very often, they irritate us too. The main problem here is from the physical entities. Protection from them is our fundamental democratic right.

Blame Game

Blame has driven humanity past mere survival for millennium. Could this be the dawn of a new era in which we take a new look through the clarity of no blame? Can we solve the problems of politics by simply stripping this one element from all existing cultures?

Pull Off the Perfect Prank

You will also find funny items such as toilet monsters, fake poop, and battery operated fart machines. These are some great prank items to have around your home. You won’t believe how much fun you will be able to have with the fart machine. You can place it anywhere in your home and it is controlled by a remote control…

Clown Gags – Making Your Clown Act Funnier!

As a clown you want to have as many things at your disposal in order to magic your clown act funnier, be it as a walk around entertainer, stage performer or birthday party clown. Here are a few ideas to help you add more fun and humor in your act.

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