Olivia O’Brien Hates Us, But Loves You – IMPAULSIVE EP. 271

“Eye” Do – A Humorous Look at a Visit to the Eye Doctor With a Reluctant Patient and His Wife

Nearly fifteen years ago when uttering the words “I do”, my husband and I promised each other to be there for better or worse. A lifelong wearer of glasses, you would think that a visit to the eye doctor would be a routine, yearly, non-threatening endeavor. Not so for this man, for whom the mere thought of a regular office visit causes clammy palms.

It Was Cold Stone Creamery, Not Steroids

Anyone who knows anything about the recent history of major league baseball knows that there was a time from the late 1980s up to just a few years ago that is known as the Steroid Era (as if it’s all over…). People say that players were getting bigger and more and more home runs flying out of ballparks because of widespread use of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Funny Quotes About Life in General

Whenever I am in the dumps, one way of cheering myself up is reading comic books. It helps a lot when I can get a good laugh from the books I read.

The Humor in Our Everyday Life

The world as they say is a harsh place to live in. I beg to differ with this conclusion though. I may be sometimes on a downward spiral toward depression but that does not make me resign to the fact that life is indeed unfair.

Bumper Stickers – Don’t Think and Drive!

In my never-ending quest to provide you with more bumper sticker lines than you know what to do with, and to waste even more of your valuable time, I’ve compiled yet another list of my sticker ideas. May you enjoy them and not be mad at me.

One Line Jokes

I keep looking for that perfect sentence to open up the conversation. Should I talk politics, science or religious? Well, the best ice breakers are humors. Whether it is a one line joke or a funny comment, it has to be non-offensive.

How to Speak Loud Enough Without a Microphone

For some reason, I seem to be a loudmouth on two fronts: both in my highly opinionated personality, and in the volume of my voice. I’m about as subtle as a fart in church.

Smiling Away Your Troubles – Funny Life Quotes

When we think of funny life quotes, the first thing that comes to mind are the anonymous internet web sarcasms that are hilariously true to the complex sensibilities of life. However, very few might actually consider the fact that some of the most famous life quotes are brilliantly entertaining in the modern context and can have a variety of effects on people from different walks of life.

Lipogram – Is it the Weight of Fat in Grams?

English is a funny language. Indeed it is! You must be wondering what “Lipogram” stands for? My first thought when I saw the word was “must be something related to fat”.

Our Dogs Are Not the Boss of Us

Yeah, we’re “dog people.” Is anyone not? But, our dogs do not rule us.

Lobbyists Are People, Too

Lobbyists are getting a bad break by being treated like they were the scum of the Earth. They are people, too. Their job is to represent Big Corporate America, not you and me. All our complaining about their deeds and influence over every piece of legislation is not fair to them.

Guitar Playing is For Idiots

How I love playing guitar. I’d rather do that than just about anything else. I’ve been doing it since The Beatles showed up in 1964 and haven’t looked back.

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