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The Barber and His Joke!

Harry the barber, had a little shop down on Jackson Street, by the open market, in St. Paul, Minnesota, back in the summer of 1954, he was giving me a haircut (as often he had in the past), I was seven years old at the time, my brother Mike, two years older than I, was standing around waiting, he had just finished his. And the old barber liked playing jokes on boys-jokes like he was going to play on me.

New Political Jargon

With President Obama’s recent war speech burned freshly burned into our minds, I thought it time to re-examine the meaning of common political jargon. But common political jargon is boring, so I made up my own. Enjoy!

The Lost Art of Believability

With the mass-produced nature of the fortune cookie being so well known (Santa and the Tooth Fairy are, of course, still believable), it’s tough to get my hopes up for a real fortune. And don’t get me started on the lotto numbers on the back.

Christmas Joke on Free and Fair Trade – Poor Santa – Toy Patent Infringement

This is a Christmas joke for those who are interested in Free Trade Issues between the US and Asia. This global economic recession has hurt almost every manufacturing company in the United States. Unfortunately, it has also hurt the factories that make toys for Christmas at the North Pole. Santa Claus Inc. is nearly bankrupt and it appears that increased health care costs, the economic recession, and the Chinese patent and copyright infringements on their toys have taken their toll.

Some Internet Humor For Your Your Christmas Holiday

A Christmas joke; Santa Claus Corporation and Domain Name Registration Issues Note: This is a fictional Story; i.e. – It’s a Joke! Santa Claus Corporation appears to have had its domain name hijacked by a group of politically correct anti-Christmas hackers. Their domain name SantaClaus [dot] xmas now goes to a porn site, and no one can order toys for Christmas anymore. Well actually, depending on what kind of toys you are looking for, you might be able to order something, but it’s not what you expect. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are fit to be tied, and apologize for the disgusting acts that these hackers have done.

A Night at the Comedy Club

No one can deny the popularity of nightclubs –there’s great music, a great atmosphere, and the drinks are ever flowing. But when it comes to attracting a broader clientele, there’s a new trend sweeping the nation. Nightclub comedy is now a big industry, what with people wanting more than just a night of drunken bumping and grinding

What Else Should You Know About Doing Standup Comedy Jokes?

There’s a big difference between a funny guy making his friends laugh every time they get together and the lonely guy standing on a stage ready to deliver a comedy routine… you already know that… what else should you know? You need to know something about your audience… these aren’t your pals out there! Chances are you’re well aware of that and you’ve probably been hanging around this place where you’re going to do this gig…

The Search For Chuckles – Finding Comedy Club Comedians

If you’ve already established yourself a great comedy venue, your next venture is find the perfect comics to keep your customers engaged and get you laughing all the way to the bank. When in search for your ideal comedy club comedian, you’ve got to be sure that you’ve got the patience to seek out what you’re looking for.

Kidney in Sydney

What happens when a tele-transportation machine malfunctions? The mix up can be disastrous and funny. This article looks at the funnier side of teleportation.

Poor Santa is Challenged During This Christmas Joke

Note; This is a fictional Story; i.e. – It’s a Joke! A little Christmas Humor for those who work in diplomacy, military, or international negotiations. Recently, the North Koreans in complete defiance of the IAE-Hay, United Countries, United States, and the nations that participating in the six party talks, launched several missiles. Unfortunately, one of these missiles hit Santa’s sleigh and eight reindeer while they were on a practice run.

Samy in ‘Non-Proliferation’

The way nuclear haves manipulate the nuclear have-nots is nothing unique in the world. It happens in every phase of life, albeit, on a different scale and in a different milliu. That is parodied here in a subtle way.

Junkyard Economist

Can a scrap collector peep into the state of economy? This funny article tries to analyse the possibility. The junkyard genius, Thampi, tells us how his ware reflect people’s life style.

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