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Achmed the Terrorist Puppet – My Personal Review of This Hilarious Talking Doll

This is my review of the Achmed the terrorist puppet. It’s a great funny and crazy talking doll that is pre-programmed with these 9 phrases to make you laugh your socks right off. Life shouldn’t be this funny, but it is when your in Achmed’s world!

Sending Funny But Clean SMS (Short Message Service) Jokes

This is the article explaining the importance of sending short jokes messages to our friends or loved ones, it can bring laughter as well as good mood to our day. If you want to send funny jokes please be sure it is clean and not bad jokes.

Newsflash – Volcano Causes Cow Flatulence – Part 1

Who could believe a volcano, one of Mother Nature’s special wonders, would turn on us like this? After all, volcanoes are part of nature, and nature is always natural, and everything natural is good…

12 Funny Jokes to Tell at Your Next Party

Life is funny. Where there is pain, there is something to laugh at. No wonder comics spend so much time making fun of dating, marriage and the difference of the sexes; if we didn’t laugh about it we would drown in our sorrow. Take a break from life and laugh at the following 12 jokes.

Hair Dying

No one wants to grow old. The first sign of aging is probably greying of hair. People resort to different means to camouflage the greyness.

Stealing My Pen is Like Stealing a Samurai’s Sword!

My pens are one of the most crucial implements in my arsenal of necessary tools for my job as a restaurant server. Translation: I need my pens!

Brownian Motion – Because It’s Just So Random!

We’re often influenced by society’s mindsets, much as we like to think of ourselves as independent and liberal. Here’s an example of how.

Vaudeville – An American Theatre Entertainment

The period from the end of the Civil War to 1920 was a dynamic time of change in the United States. It was influenced by massive European immigration and major population shifts amongst the various regions of the country.

Plan to Keep the US the Only World’s Super Power

Most economists are watching China’s economy grow at an exponential pace, and it has been growing at 10% per year, year-over-year for over three decades now. Is it possible that it can continue to grow at this rapid pace? As with anything there are those who look at charts and rely on them, and believe that any growth on a 30 year chart like that will surely keep growing at that rate.

Finding Stand Up Comedy Tickets in Your Local Area is Now Easier Than Ever – Use the Web to Get Them

You will very easily acquire stand up comedy tickets on the market today – you just need to find out where to start looking. Have a look on a variety of webpages and see what yow will discover. Once you carry out a certain amount of look ups on the world wide web you will likely be faced with a multitude of offers and discounts that will be useful.

Fun With Fancy Dress Costumes Everywhere

Fancy dress costume parties are fun events that appeal to individuals of all ages. They are enormously fun because there is so much about fancy dress costumes. It is a treat to the imagination. You have to wonder what to go as. When you finally decide, there is the costume to design or hunt through the costume shops for.

Beware Southern Drivers During Snowstorms

If you are from the South, you will ‘get’ this article on Southern drivers immediately. If you are not, you are probably one of those up North that has not read the jokes on the internet about Southern drivers. But that’s okay because we deserve it. This has been fun for me to write and here’s to hoping you get a chuckle or two out of it.

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