Restorative Yoga Explained (From a PhD)

What’s Wrong With Tom, Dick, and Harry?

What’s wrong with good old fashioned first names? They used to be Christian names, after saints. Now anything goes.

The Thanksgiving I Shot My Uncle Harry (Almost)

They called it a near miss, but I called it terrifying. I had just nearly killed my Uncle Harry! And on Thanksgiving Eve, too!

5 Great Office Pranks – Tease Your Boss and Colleagues

Is your boss away on business? Has your colleague gone away for 2 weeks vacation? Welcome them back with one of these extraordinary office pranks.

Christmas Eve – Humorous Santa Visits Around the Word!

The popular mid-night magical Santa Claus visit on Christmas Eve now includes all sorts of humorous and politically correct antics. Families around the world love Santa Claus visits and many go to great length to ensure some fun and magical memories are enjoyed by all the family at mid-night. Discover some of the more humorous and creative ways people are enjoying Santa’s mid-night visit!

Block Rock Telephone News

This is the Riverside Black Rock Telephone News Service calling, to let you know about something that is happening in the neighborhood this Sunday afternoon. There is going to be a Dixieland Band at the Line End Restaurant; yes a real live Dixieland Band. Every lady will get a rose and every man will have a chance to talk to Rose.

Fear and Loathing on the Internet

Hunter S Thompson was once terrified by the fact that any fool could have his likeness projected two hundred feet tall over downtown Las Vegas, ‘twelve times the size of god.’ Were he alive today, he would no doubt be all the more terrified by the prospect that anyone with a cheap camera phone and an internet connection can project themselves to every corner of the earth with less effort than it takes to make a cheese sandwich.

Lets Break Down the Funniest Videos on the Web and See What Makes Them Tick

Most of you will remember a TV series from the 90’s ,Americas funniest home videos. The video camera was a relatively new high tech toy but the price had come down enough for them to be plentiful. As the bloopers at birthday parties, cute and cuddly animal and whacked in the crotch videos began to pile up some bright producer got the idea to get people to send them to one location so that the whole world could laugh at what would have been private embarrassments.

Joe the Plumber, the Richest ‘Average Joe’, Ever!

Is Joe the Plumber an ‘Average Joe American’?? How much do you pay your plumber? I did a little bit of simple math, and he’s probably making over $300 Grand a year! You Go, Joe! Nothin’ like bein’ a plumber to bring in da monies!

Training Wheels and Training Dad – How Our Four-Year-Old Taught Me to Let Go

I expected our son to fail, at least at first go. It’s in the script right? Like a sparrow spreading its wings for the first time, there’s a protocol to these things and I for one knew my part.

Fishing For Vegetarians

“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.”   – Doug Larson   With a last name like Fischer you’d think I’d know a thing or two about fish and particularly how to land one into your frying pan. But I don’t.

Are You a Practical Joker?

With the economic downturn, the war and uncertain future these are stressful times. 80% of Americans say they are stressed out. This is a good time for a practical jokers to help relieve stress with gag gifts and practical jokes.

Telemarketing at Dinnertime

Pity the poor telemarketer who calls our house around dinner. Let’s listen in and find out just who says what.

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