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My Favorite Top 10 Movie Comedy Scenes

Now this is definitely a tough one. I really don’t even know why I am attempting this at all but I think it needs to be done. There have been so many amazingly, funny scenes and I think I would be remiss if I at least didn’t try to mention the ones that made me laugh the hardest during my lifetime. I would also like to add that just because I may love a scene in a movie, doesn’t preclude that I would put the movie itself in my Top 10 list of all time. So, I will just mention some of the many scenes that I have loved and then try to put them in my order of preference. Wish me luck!!

Ziggy Takes a Spin

A short satirical story concerning the President of the United States who sent a satellite into space to prove the safety of Red Dye #40 for use in lipstick. The satellite disrupted the normal orbital patterns of the universe, causing one of the black holes to shift its orbit. It is now inhaling planets. The story relates how presidential line item veto power lead to the destruction of the solar system.

That’s What She Said Microblogs Are the New Black

“That’s what she said” are dirty jokes which have become integrated into popular youth culture are used in situations where a statement said by one individual, while not directly having such meaning, can be understood as an advert sexual connotation and is pointed out by another individual through stating “that’s what she said!”

The Secret to Making 5k a Week Revealed

I am getting a little sick and tired of all the ads promising you a fortune in easy peasy steps. After trying all their methods and ending up owing more than I ever made (which is naught) I have now decided to give my secret to making 5K a month, I am going to reveal it right here to you on the sworn declaration you won’t reveal the secret, else it will lose it’s charm (and money!).

Awkward Moments

Funny awkward moments in life to which we can all relate… Funny things like going out to dinner and your waiter is your landlord, or your car breaking down in front of your work on the way to the beach when you called in sick. Hilarious!

Did Cavemen Have Tissues?

I think not. Then why is picking your nose so frowned upon? I say pick away!

Humor – Depression Can Be Fun!

Since you don’t believe that fun exists when you’re depressed, what you need to do is have negative depression. So you try your hardest to get more depressed, and then you fail, and get happier instead. Negative failure is a good thing; the two negatives cancel out!

Humor – The Internet

Isn’t it absolutely fantastic that you can sit in the comfort of your own home, and wirelessly, from a foreign country many thousands of miles away, download within seconds a vicious virus that wipes your hard drive and puts up a message “Igor did rock…” on your screen. Ah yes, technology has brought us far.

Humor – Men Also Have Bad Hair Days

So how come only ladies seem to have bad hair days? Can’t guys have bad hair days too? I mean, some of us haven’t even GOT hair! How much worse does it get than that?

The World According to Jasper Carrott

British comedian Jasper Carrott has spent years gathering together the good, the bad and the ridiculous when it comes to insurance claims. Come check out the comedian’s repertoire!

Russo and the Twelve Gauge

Way back in the early 60s when I was in high school, my best friend, Duane used to let a greasy little kid, by the name of Paul Russomano, hang out with us. Paul was always trying to impress Duane and convince him that he was cool (something that was very important back then). Paul would try all sorts of stunts to capture our attention and prove his coolness, including some that must never be mentioned. Most of them were funny – and not in a “we’re laughing WITH you, Paul” way either.

Hey, That’s My Sweater

This article describes an event that recently occurred with my daughter. I knew it was coming, but I thought that I had a few years on my side. She wants to wear my clothes and nothing is going to stop her.

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