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The Joy in Clowning and Magic

It is always wonderful to become a child. Childhood memories are worth reminiscing and what could be more joyful than having in mind those clown memories of tricks and magic.

Clowning – Clowning For Birthdays

Imagine a kid’s party or birthday party without a clown? How it appears? Isn’t it dull and boring? Honestly, if you are throwing a kid’s party or birthday for your child, one of the considerations is fun. The merrier, the better. So, how do you get into merriment? Simply, you need a clown for party and that would spell a difference. A clown for party will surely capture the attention and interest of your guests and most of all it will give joy and light moments to the celebrants.

Clowning – The Art of Face Painting

Painted face creates illusion, drama, ideas and design. It brings about artistic quality and imagination especially during performances. In the realm of clowning, painted face is a talent, a manifestation of creativity in order to bring forth fun and laughter. It is a sight to behold not only for children but for people of all ages.

The Art of Clowning – The Joy of Spiritual Clowning

Unknown to many, clowns can also be spiritual. Their purpose is not basically to entertain but also to bring the audience in a state of spiritual awareness. In some cases, it is though the manifestation of a clown’s art that the spectators are also exposed to the stage of deepening their religious faith and thus called Christian clowning. Other defines Christian clowning as a way to get people to loosen up, enjoy themselves, and have fun in a way that is wholesome and exciting. This can be said as different from the rest of clowning styles.

The Art of Clowning – Gag – A Great Yet Silent Comic

One of the most silent yet well celebrated tricks is gag. Unlike other tricks, gag will surely caught the attention of a person in great surprise. The practice of gag is very common in television programs which are really intended for jokes and laughter.

Cops in the Donut Shop

Pay attention to your mail! Don’t let those tabs go unrenewed or else! As long as you can laugh later!

Fun With Dock Spiders

My daughter got a little plastic and screen bug house from her grand parents this summer. She loved to collect moths and caterpillars. But when heading out fishing, I saw a huge dock spider sunning itself and I thought it would look great in my daughters bug house.

Vocabulary According to Kids

We know, since we were kids once, that when they hear words they don’t know, they imagine their own meaning for them. Here are some likely yet understandable confusions of definition.

The Jackson Five, Lionel Richie, the Commodores and Me

I became a Miss Brick House winner in college at OSU, danced on the road with Lionel Richie and The Commodores, then went back to the Uiniversity, graduated and became a news reporter. Later I worked at Motown Hitsville Studios at the beginning of Michael Jackson-mania. But back in the day, like everyone else, I was just another screaming fan…

The Top 10 Reasons for Light Beer to Exist

I have always wondered why people would drink light beer. Since the stuff is clearly not meant to be consumed, I decided to try to figure out some of its true purposes. Here are my results.

Funny Online Cards – 3 Great Ways to Use Funny ECards

There are tons of great uses for funny online cards. Here are my favorite three.

42 – A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Sci-Fi’s Favorite Number – Homage to the Late Douglas Adams

As we approach the eighth anniversary of the passing of science fiction satirist Douglas Adams, creator of “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,” sci-fi fans, lovers of humor, comedy and irony as well as trivia buffs will enjoy a look at one of the world’s most unusual collections. So, grab your towel and take a trip through the galaxy on Adams’ favorite number.

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