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My Trip in the Garden – I May Look Like an Earth Mother

I am equipped with a shovel and something I think is called a trowel, whistling “This is my Father’s world” – or as it’s now sung in the United Church, “This is God’s wondrous world.” I am ready to co-create with the Master Gardner – though this wasn’t my Plan A. Normally my hubby, Laurence, does the mucking around in the garden, but he’s away. I may look like an Earth Mother – but I am quite happy to enjoy nature from a balcony or a flower shop.

Glory – I Just Plain Love the Site of a Train Rolling By

There are so many things I like about living in Sudbury and one of them is that at almost any point in the city, you can be stopped by a 100 plus car train. I’m not kidding – I just plain love the site of a train rolling by. And if it happens to be just a few feet in front of me, accompanied by flashing red lights and clanging bells – so much the better.

World Record Phone Company Stupidity

With the advent of cell phones, many of us have moved away from the traditional phone companies where we used to get our landline service. If you’re like me, you probably had hopes that cellular phone companies would be better to deal with than traditional phone companies. Well, I’m afraid not.

Top Ten List of Sarcastic Dares

Sarcastically speaking, I dare you to do some of the things found on my top ten list. Pull into a gas station and use the window washer to wash your entire car.

Five Reasons to Be Thankful For Global Warming

An attempt to bring some twisted humor into the doom and gloom of global warming. Happy Thanksgiving!

When Are Jokes Considered to Be Offensive?

Many people love to laugh and joke about things in their everyday life. But what they don’t consider when repeating or e-mailing these jokes is that some people may not appreciate them and may even find them to be hurtful.

They Don’t Look Expensive

I know what you want. You want to hear a war story. Here ya go, this is a fun one.

How to Book a Comedian

If you are going to book a professional comedian for a corporate event or holiday party there are some things you should know before you start. Use a professional comedy booking agent to help you find the right act for your event. Make sure the act you get has experience with corporate events.

Jasper Meets the Chestnut Valley Gang

“Help! Help me, fellahs! It’s after me!” Little Eyetie came streaking back around the machine shop and flew, wing footed and white eyed, toward the fence. Chasing him was one of the biggest and blackest mules I had ever seen!

An Interview With the Four Major Candidates

I wish I could have gotten the four major party candidates for President and vice president on a bass boat in the middle of a lake. It might have gone something like this.

Origin of Yo Mama Jokes

Not many categories of jokes have a history or background. We don’t know who started them or why they were started. Surprisingly enough when it comes to yo mama jokes they come with a very interesting background.

Gag Surprises When You Turn 50

When you hit 50 I know that you feel old and you feel that everyone else knows more about what is popular. But remember that it is still a time to have fun and accept all of the crazy gag gifts and jokes that are bound to come your way.

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