Saying Goodbye To Mike.

It’s Re-Election Time! Get The Picture?

So while everyone was thinking about the brave troops who finally capped Osama Bin Laden the other day, I was also thinking about whether or not they had a 71-Quebec out there with them on that mission (that’s Army Talk for “journalist,” or at least it used to be). I guess they must have, because this week’s big news is President Obama’s decision not to release the photos that were taken of Dead Terrorist Number One. So since the global paparazzi corps was busy sobering up in London after Will-‘n’-Kate, and since civilian “journalists” only take pictures of car chases and tornado damage (when they can squeeze those things in around their grip-and-grin work at the White House), any photos that existed had to have been taken by some hard-working military journalist….

Right on the Money

Next time someone passes you a bank note, lookout! They may be handing you a note — literally.

10 Great Computer, Science and Math T Shirts To Make Your Friends Jealous

If you are into science and math, then you should be into funny science or math t shirts that reflect your unique and fun personality. Why not make more science and math friends and break the ice with the simple logical use of printing on cotton. It’s easy, it’s elegant and it just makes sense.

Review: TV Procedurals

A review of the collective of all TV procedurals and how they impact your life. TV as a whole needs to be analysed today because of all the shovelware that appears on today’s basic cable.

Man Vs Cat

What could be simpler than keeping a couple of cats confined to your basement? Armed with an arsenal of a large box, baby gates, and a shower curtain, your hapless author matches wits against a two felines – advantage: cats.

How to Survive a Zombie Attack

As time passes the threat of Zombies becomes all too real. If you’re not worried; you should be. At the moment, there are experimental drugs that would induce humans into a zombie like state.

Guido: What’s in a Name?

When it comes to the name “Guido,” the American stereotype and the Italian reality couldn’t be further apart. I ponder the disconnect between the “Guido” concept and a real life Guido that bears no resemblance to the image existing in my head. Why the disconnect?

The Coming Economic Basket Case

Haven’t heard about this particular basket case? Well, it’s only going to change every aspect of your daily life, so maybe you should know about it. Here’s the 411 on the impending doom of The Almighty Dollar.

Anarchy in the Postal System – A Spoof

It starts with a departure from the written guidelines. Now, one can only assume that every post office in the country has it’s own standard of interpretation of these guidelines. There’s an infinite number of possibilities and it goes on and on and on like a domino parade through entire postal system of the United States of America! Next the thing you know; there’s a state of anarchy in the postal system. Dead ex-postal workers and haunting dead ex-customers in purgatory. And why why why you ask; It’s because of a departure from the written guidelines that some pencil pusher wrote; a silly wetback who has no concept of how it all works in practicality. What a shame, what a strong adjective of a postal shame.

Golf and I

My friendly neighborhood golfer tells me golf is played by most talented people, but I think it is played only by people mentally challenged. The truth, as the popular saying goes, perhaps lies somewhere in between.

My Medieval Feast

I watched a commercial for one of those medieval feast places the other night, and by golly, I want to go. For those of you who don’t live in a large metropolitan area, with a glut of entertainment options, you probably don’t even know what a medieval feast place IS. This is basically a fun-filled evening for which you pay an all-inclusive admission fee to sit in an auditorium, eat meat with your hands, and watch men on horseback try to spear each other in a mock jousting match.

Fuzzy Television Memories

At two this morning, while in a semi-comatose state, I was flipping around the dial for some golden nugget of late night television to watch, when I was rewarded with an episode from “Lost in Space”. Have you ever watched this show? Before it was banished to the catacombs of really late night T.V., I used to watch it a lot. Yeah, yeah, I know, get a life… I tell you, this is good stuff!

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