She Couldn’t Hold It In Anymore…

Saint George Learns About The Fabulous Gold of Ashanti

It was in the days of Good King Freddie and one of the king’s newly hatched woggalogs wouldn’t eat the food that would ensure that he would grow up tame. Freddie had ordered Prime Minister, Merlin, and Patron Saint and Minister for the Environment, George, to find a solution to this problem. It was then that George’s man, Jack, remembered something from his days as a seaman in the Royal Navy.

When a Baby Monster Won’t Eat Cake

It was in the days of Good King Freddie. Life was good, and Freddie was relaxing on his throne with his pseudo-Persian Blue cat, Alexander, finishing their goat’s milk and contemplating a visit to his menagerie, when in burst his Menagerie Manager in a most distraught condition. ‘Calm down, my dear man,’ said the King, ‘Whatever the problem, it is better to meet it coolly and with a clear head.’

Help! I’m Stranded in the Philippines

When our phone started ringing continuously and my email filled up with new messages, I knew something was terribly wrong. I had been hacked and our friends and family were all kind enough to let me know immediately. The email they all received said I was in the Philippines with a sick relative and I needed money (of course). The experience made me think about my love/hate relationship with computers and my complete inability to fix any technology-related problems.

Turbulence In The Indian Kitchen!

“Hey pal, what is on your menu tonight?” “The menu is quite luring! But, you see, it has gone to the authorities for approval. Finally we’ll have what they want us to eat!”

All in a Daze of Work

Everyday musings about our history – why we are who we are. The origins of marriage.

The Deadpan Pangs!

I thought had I punched him hard on his firmly set jaws I might have had some emotional reaction from him. Of course, to that extreme extent I could never have proceeded thanks to my perseveringly peaceful nature, office decorum and possible police involvement…

Why Laughter Is the Best Antidote in Many Ways

Being light-minded, as well as having a good sense of humor, makes life easy to lead for you and so makes the lives of others who come in touch with you. Isn’t that lovely? So why not hone on these skills? Look inside for tips on why you should smile more and how laughter acts as the best antidote in many cases.

Stand Up Comedy Tips

Stand up comedy tips will help you become a better comedian. Three stand up comedy tips include contextualize it, redirect it, and be transparent. Below I expand on these tips in detail.

Stand Up Comedy Tips for Performing Better

If you’re looking for comedy tips, read this article. It contains six stand up comedy tips that will be useful to performing your next act. Stand Up Comedy Tips #1 — Pre-Show Habit – Create a pre-show habit for yourself.

Stand Up Comedy Tips – Performing

There are many stand up comedy tips to help you perform better on stage. Some stand up comedy tips to improve your performance include having emergency filler, asking for suggestions, sharing with rather than speaking at your audience, be more emotional, and change speeds. Emergency Filler The first of our stand up comedy tips is to use emergency filler.

Performing Stand Up Comedy

Performing stand up comedy is equally if not more important than writing stand up comedy. When performing, take your audio or video recording or just your memory and replay the show. Ask yourself, “Was I my best?

How to Deal With Hecklers – Performing Stand Up Comedy

Learning how to deal with hecklers is key to performing stand up comedy successfully. Being relentlessly heckled is the third most common reason stand-up comedians afraid to take the stage. Some beginners never take the stage because they do not think they can cope with being heckled.

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