A Christmas Story

It was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring; not even my wife. She was fast asleep. I was alone except for my favorite evening elixir, a bottle of Black Label whisky.

Humor Column: Do You Work Here?

Everywhere I go people ask me one thing, “Excuse me, do you work here?” It used to bug me until I decided to have fun with it.

Short Jokes and Fun for a Successful Life

Happiness comes when we enjoy what we are doing. There are two enemies of our cheerfulness, one is taking wrong path and second is keep on working with zero interest. They snatch our laughter and enjoyment of life. The short jokes get unable to make you laugh at that moment.

Humor Column: Chop Chop

I have a unique approach to New Year’s resolutions. I start them on January 26. You might have made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking. While you are beating yourself up for sneaking a cigarette at the bowling league banquet, I am basking in the self confidence that comes with knowing I haven’t even started any resolutions yet.

How Can Second Bananas Make People Laugh? Part 5

According to, the term “second banana” means “a performer in show business, esp. burlesque, who plays a subordinate role, as straight man, to the top banana, or star comedian”. Why do they call it “second banana”?

Games for the Elderly

Thing happen when you get old. Your brain shrinks, your muscles go slack, your eyes weaken, and in general, everything goes to Hades. No more football for you. Even ping-pong can become a burden. But don’t just do nothing. Here are some exciting things to do.

How Comedians Live Before They Get Famous

One of the biggest misnomers in comedy is that after making the decision to give stand-up a try, you must relocate to Los Angeles or New York before even stepping on stage. This only bore true in the 40s, 50s and 60s when comedy clubs were limited to major urban centers. Today you can start from anywhere, regardless if you live in Elk City, Oklahoma or Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Develop A Stage Character Like Rodney Dangerfield or Woody Allen

The brilliance of developing a stage character or persona is that you become a brand. Everything about you — clothing, delivery, joke material – revolves around your defined character. Rodney Dangerfield was one of comedy’s most recognized character acts, framed around the simple catch phrase “I get no respect.

The Carrot Top Method: Picking The Right Comedy Prop For Your Act

If you feel comfortable using props in your act, go for it. Bear in mind, however, that you’ll be viewed by other comedians like mall security guards are viewed by police officers – you’ll never be taken seriously. “Prop comic” is a derogatory term amongst comedians, on par with being labeled a hack.

Holiday Gifts and Gags to Lighten the Mood

Lighten the mood this holiday season with a few laughs. This article offers suggestions for keeping the holiday exciting with novelty gifts, funny holiday decorations, and pranks to play.

Tips for Pulling Off a Prank

Pulling off a successful prank can be a challenge, particularly for those who are not seasoned pranksters. This article offers tips for planning and executing a successful prank.

Bob Dylan – New Slant On A Classic

A protest song about driving conditions in the UK. Best effect will be obtained if this is sung hoarsely with a fake American accent to the tune of Bob Dylan’s “Times are a changin”.

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