She Dumped Him.

900 Dial-A-Dog Could Be Coming Your Way Soon

“Hullo. Hullo. Is this the party to whom we are speaking?”

Top 10 Superheroes of Chicago

Who are the Windy City’s most sensational superheroes? If you are moving to Chicago, you should be able to answer this question. Check out our list of the comic book characters of Chicago.

Here’s Moosic to Your Ears

OMG! We’ve got a situation here – 1,932 karaoke machines have been seized by U.S. Customs. How are we going to quench the American thirst for standing up in front of people and caterwauling tunes?

End of Something

So, Mr. Harold Camping, you wanted to be famous and now you are. And some. But not for the right reasons.

We Are Human Viruses in a Cosmic Operating Principle (COP) and Only Subliminal Humor Knows It!

We humans may be taking ourselves too seriously! What if we are all viruses inside of a Cosmic Operating Principle: COP? Imagine that what we all take so seriously, i.e., life and death issues, and almost everything in between is what some COP just laughs at. Also imagine that the only time we HUMAN VIRUSES really affect the COP, is when we occasionally, rarely, laugh subliminally, without even thinking!

University Should Ban Bikers

During the school year, thousands of kids walk around campus trying to get to class. At the same time, they are trying to avoid one thing, bicyclists.

Some Sayings Are For the Birds

We humanoids are fascinated by and have several proverbs based on birds. Perhaps we are fascinated by their singing and twittering as well as the ease with which they fly wherever and whenever they fancy. Meanwhile we earthbound creatures have to buy airline tickets, take a cab to the airport and wait in long security lines.

Keeping It Clean With Comedy

Laughter is a great stress buster and in times of hardship, many people turn to comedy as a way to deal with the daily frustrations of modern life. Laughing out loud is a great way to feel better about yourself and improve your mood and this is why going to see a comedian is now such a popular pastime. We all have our favorite comedians and our preferences will largely depend on our own sense of humor and what we consider to be funny. Humor is a very personal thing and what may be hilarious to one person, may not even register with someone else.

Take a Little Internet Vacation

Ever wonder if you’ve become a slave to your computer, become a teensy bit addicted to the internet?? Turns out, that happened to me, so when my modem went out, and I was suddenly disconnected from my beloved internet, I had to wean myself off of it like I was coming off a drug — was horrible! haha! Thankfully, I’m back online, now, back among the living, but here is my tale of Woe, of being offline for 3 weeks, yes, THREE whole weeks, and how I survived! lol!

Sample Sales: The New UFC

WOW. So today I used my lunch break to attend a sample sale. I suppose I should actually say “today I surrendered my lunch break to battle other women, to the death if necessary, for discount fashion at a sample sale”.

Should The Government Help Beggars?

As our nation continues its debate (fight) over entitlement reform, we beg (forgive me) this essential question: are we a society of entrepreneurs, or of beggars? The more we push toward redistribution of wealth, the more wealth we’ll eventually run out of – leaving even the beggars, well, begging. If we can swing back to being a nation of wealth-builders, though, there will actually be more wealth for everyone…

Wish I Were a Storm Chaser

I was eleven, spring had arrived, and another severe storm approached my family’s white ranch house in northeast Ohio. “Get in the basement!” I remember various family members screaming in unison as the wind began bashing against the trees and bushes of our front yard.

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