Humor Column: Light Up The Sky Like A Flame

Fame is diluted. It used to be you had to DO something- a skill, a talent- acting, singing, telling jokes, something- that you were famous for. Now you can be famous for being famous. So why don’t we just have awards for just being famous. The Fame Awards.

Why Is There a Dead Pakistani on My Couch?

One of Google’s most humourous keyword suggestions, “Why is there a dead Pakistani on my Couch” is actually from an excerpt of the television series Lost. This is just one of the many just plain silly search suggestions you can find.

Humor Column: Brianna Will See You Now

I walked into Discount Hair for my haircut. After they called my name, I plopped into a chair. Carla sat in the next chair, taking the last drags off her Marlboro Red, the final pull burning into the filter.

Jokes From The Closet! The Traditional Thief!

Old time traditional thieves were quite lovable. You may strongly disagree with this rather bizarre view. But it is likely you may change your opinion once you know about them in some of the old time jokes.

Los Angeles Comedy – Up and Coming Stand Up Comedians in the LA Comedy Scene

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and the home of thousands of aspiring stand up comedians. We all know the established stand up comedians like Louis C.K., Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld, but there is also a roster of stand up comics rich in talent who are about to break through. This helpful guide highlights the up and coming comedians of the LA comedy scene, so you can go out and experience them live before their big break.

Free Comedy Podcasts – A Guide to the Best Comedy Radio Online

Looking for the best comedy radio online? Here is some help.

Top 5 Ways to Get Bail Bonds – A Sarcastic, Humorous Look

Some of you wonder at times how to get bail bonds in Van Nuys. We have put together a top five list of possible ways to do this. Now, there are currently 100′s of ways to obtain bail bonds in Van Nuys, but we are only going to list some of the most popular choices by our current criminal base and idiot offenders. This article is NOT how to get bailed out, but is a spoof, if not humorous account on how people get arrested and end up getting issued a bail bonds by the police department. In other words, if you follow these steps, you will get arrested and sent to the Van Nuys jail and won’t collect $200 for passing GO.

Do You Believe in Psychic Wellness? Neither Do Those Who Prefer REAL Wellness

I have a plan. My plan is a way to make real money, for a change, in the wellness business. How? By offering psychic advice. In this essay, I explain (with tongue in cheek) I will become the Swami Donny of REAL wellness. Heck, I can produce fliers, too, and with special psychic powers, I can provide miraculous wellness-based psychic advice. With a little luck, I will draw huge crowds, increase my celebrity quotient (needs work, at present) and reinforce my 401 K – battered a bit in 2008. Yes, I’m planning to transition from science and reason, evidence and data to revelation and magic. Just kidding.

Best Three Actress of Bollywood

There are lots of good actresses in the Bollywood film industry. But do you know who are the top Bollywood actresses are these days?

Apples and Berries

This article is about the Apple users and the BlackBerry users. It is about the fight between them. Have tried to make is more humorous…

Finding Good Comedy Clubs or Venues in Your Area

If you want to be entertained through comedy, there are quite a good number of different sources that you can take a look at. But as we all know, going out to a comedy bar and watching a live comedian is still the best decision to go with. It depends on where you may be, you can go visit a number of different comedy bars to witness live comedy, or you can also go and travel to famous comedy bar and get entertained by well known comedians.

Escape The Crocodile Attack By Offering Him Your Phone

An amazing fact about a crocodile revealed when the Ukrainian crocodile called Gena got sick after eating the mobile phone of one of the visitors on last Friday. According to the BBC news, the visitor Rimma Golovko was trying to take a picture of the African Gena opening his mobile when her phone slipped into his mouth. No one listened to the complaints of Golovko, until the 14 years old Gena stopped eating.

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