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How to Tell a Joke

Many people shy away from telling jokes because they once told one that fell flat or they are afraid of appearing silly or of offending someone. Jokes are canned humorous stories which are subtly different from personal anecdotes. With personal anecdotes you have the authority to tell them because they happened to you.

Learn Some Philippine Riddles

Riddles are considered part of traditional literature of the Philippines. Philippine riddles are different from Western riddles because Philippine riddles almost always come in rhyming pattern. It is a form of poetry during pre-colonial Philippines. Traditional Philippine riddles can be considered truly Filipino.

Squirrel Invasion

Sciurus carolinensis is a particularly odious rodent in that appears harmless, what with his cheery, bounding gait and carefree tree clambering. Sitting upon a fence gnawing away on an acorn, his is the epitome of furry cuteness, until they come into your home.

10 Ways to Tell You’re at a No Frills Funeral

The economy is hitting everyone hard. Businesses are trying anything to get our trade. But, funeral homes? Here are 10 ways to tell if you’re at a discount wake.

The Special Gift

A Christmas short story from a cache of my childhood memories. Hope you enjoy it.

Stand Up Magic and Comedy

Funny how these days stand up is associated mostly with stand up comedy. Maybe it’s natural in a sense that stand up comedy has made a major break trough in this new millennium. The word originally means performing for an audience standing up, in front of the audience.

Me, YouTube and the Funniest Videos on the Web – How There Are Interconnected

Why do people love crazy videos on the internet? It is because people have the innate desire to laugh and have fun. It is human nature.

Happy Tree Friends Cartoons

Cartoons are children’s favorite programs, but as parents, it is very important to monitor what kind of fun programs they are watching because not all of them are recommendable for your child. Among them is the one series that is called the Happy Tree Friends.

Cheap Landau Scrubs are One Way to Share Hospital Humor With Patients

Does the term “hospital humor” seem like an oxymoron? When we think about hospitals, we often think about pain, stress, and grief. To be honest, the circumstances in a hospital are not particularly happy ones.

How To – Create Your Very Own Conspiracy Theory and Make Millions

Have you tried every “How to make money in six minutes” program and failed? Are you still miserably poor with an ugly wife? Well, you opened the correct web page today mister. I am going to teach you for free how to make millions forever. The only price, you have to read this article and that is it. Send me a post card as you relax on the beach in Barbados, you lucky pixie, you.

The Moon Landing Really was Fake

…and this article will give you the absolute, irrefutable proof. If this doesn’t convince you that the 1969 moon landing didn’t take place, then you are dead already. The Kennedy assassination is also solved in this short article. You will be amazed. Read it first and astonish your friends with your insider knowledge…

The Tiger’s Luncheon

After making it all the way through college (to my great surprise), I found myself working for a San Francisco advertising agency as an account executive on the HP account in the early 80s. It was an OK job. The agency people were a fun-loving, crazy bunch, and the HP people were nice if not a bit nerdy.

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