#Short Update on ‘What is Kundalini Yoga’

Lost the Keys to Your Car? What You Shouldn’t Do

Recently, I lost the keys to my car.. somewhere in the snow on a mountain.. on a Sunday. If this happens to you, don’t do what I did!

As Long As I Can Carry My Own Pack

Any commercial use of this article is strictly prohibited. I came to the realization recently that I am no longer in my prime. The unusual part of this was that it didn’t even occur at a class reunion.

Why I’m a Teacher

It was graduation day at the university where I work, and a beautiful day it was, quite unlike the first graduation I attended as a young professor. I recall that at that one the cold south wind had swirled the snow around us.

Drivers Ed – A Nostalgic Look Back

Remember Drivers Ed in high school? You just can’t match the fun of having three of your fellow classmates and an irritable gym teacher in the car with you while they wait for you to screw up.

The Wages of Sin, Or Why it Pays to Dance With the Devil!

‘Sin’; that multi-layered, devilish term is wittily lampooned and parodied in this wickedly fun song and dance routine! Even the Devil himself would get a chuckle out of this number!

Aunt Ruth and the Ginger Snap Cookie Incident

We grew up in the 1940’s and ’50’s on a small dairy and chicken farm in Belfast, Maine. ‘We’ being my two brothers and three cousins. Times there were hard. Farming in those days, as I suspect it is now, was an austere life. Lots of hard work with little compensation. I think the people who bought our milk and chickens made the money. The small farmer seldom benefited then and I doubt they are doing much better today.

TV As a Friend

Television is often described as being an all pervasive anathema, or words to that effect. A mindless, brain-decaying medium radiating social and cultural disintegration. The authenticity and motive of much TV content is endlessly debated and complained about and commented on. Every one has a gripe it seems!

Satire – Repentance

Repentance is such a fraught term, even in today’s apparently secular, ‘forward-thinking’ society. So, let’s take off the gloves for a minute and talk about our remorseful feelings in a slightly more humoros tone; look out, Fatherspirit and His religious laughfest have arrived!

I Am Oprah-phobic

Thankfully I can speak about the return of Monday Night Football on the same day that I can speak about Oprah’s new season beginning. My wife is just as excited about the return of the latter as I am about the return of the former. That being said I must admit that I do on occasion watch Oprah.

See Improvisational Comedy at its best by Brian Bradley

Orlando native and UCF graduate Brian Bradley is one performer who breaks down the wall between the audience and the stage. It is difficult to categorize, Bradley he combines acting, traditional stand-up comedy and improvisation seamlessly in every show.

Snow White and the Seven Little Boys

School days come and school days go… but we wanted to make this one special for the children and their parents. So we, the staff of this little school in a remote corner of India decided to stage “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Essential Items Every Cornish Girl Should Have

Reading the paper this weekend I came across a funny little article in one of the magazine supplements. The article was entitled ’50 things that every British girl should have’. Thinking that I may uncover some useful information I began to read the feature. I quickly began to realise that this article was not completely accurate. It may have been better off titled ’50 things nearly every British girl should have’.

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