#short Who is Dr. David-PhD Yoga-MD???

Women Drivers!

If you are a woman and still reading it, accept my apology well in advance. You folks don’t tend to listen, I know. Forgive me for saying so, though I am not a misogynist still I can’t forget the hair mounting episode that happened a few months ago. Let me take you back in time…

A Nice, Loving Murder

My wife loves to watch crime shows. Our living room is always filled with tales of murder, trials, and justice. And while tragic, the stories themselves can be very interesting. However, there is one thing these shows are always saying that just baffles me. No matter the case, someone always has to comment on how the victim was “brutally murdered”.

Sometimes Corporations Are a Joke

Consider if you will the modern day corporation and all its hypocrisy, bureaucracy and inefficiency, along with all its denial, passing the buck, CYA and fiefdom’ism. Sometimes it is so insane and nuts it is just crazy, it cannot be real, sometimes things are so screwed up you just want to rip your hair out or cry. Well, Scott Adams has a better idea, just laugh at it all, thus he makes jokes that shake the core of the corporation.

Billy D Washington For Great Comedy and Keyboards

Billy D Washington was one of the orginal VH1 v-jay’s. He is a top headliner and great with comedy and keyboards, don’t miss his show.

Rants #2 – I’ve Got More to Say and There’s No Stopping Me Now!

I’ve got more things to say about health, fitness, nutrition and the stupid things that seem to happen with them all the time. Whether you agree or disagree, you’ll have something to think about.

First Jobs

This is about my experience with my first job. Some of it is funny and some of it is downright sad.

The Evolution of Classical Satire Into Modern Day Political Humor

Satire, as defined by the Britanica Concise Encyclopedia, is an artistic form in which human or individual vices, folly, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of irony, ridicule, or other methods, sometimes with an intent to bring about improvement. Literature and drama are its chief means of expression, but it is also found in other forms of media such as film, the visual arts, and political cartoons. Satires had been present in Greek Literature, with Aristophanes as well as in Roman Literature with Juvenal and Horace.

Better Than Pilates, It’s Pirates – The Four Step Plan to Lose the Bilge and Reshape Your Booty

Shake off the barnacles with the new pirate workout sweeping the nation, Pirates. Guaranteed to get yer booty is shape for plunder season.

Laughter is the Best Cure of All Ailments

They said laughter is the best medicine of all. Yes, it is indeed very true. Laughter combined with an energetic sense of humor may help you protect yourselves from any form of ailments.

No Place For Old Men

No Place for Old Men is a great novel and movie. It’s true we should stay away from hot deserts and crazy killers. But we need to stay away from other dangerous places too like Wal-Mart and the gas station. Read on!

My Rock Star Son

It finally took nothing stronger than a mother’s love to pull me back again to the city of survival. My son, the rock star, was coming to town.

Bournemouth Comedy, Clubs and Venues Throughout the Town

The most established of the comedy venues is Jaggers and they have been around for many years now providing an essential tonic to life in beaurocratic Britain today. Jaggers plays host to some top comedians as well as many up and coming comic wannabes, of which there are many, but sadly few with real talent, anyway enough about my friends! The standard and popularity of this venue is very high and is to be thoroughly recommended for their live shows and side splitting humour as well as the general crowd that frequents them, as some of the members of the …

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